Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Flower Girl Pillowcase Dresses

YEA!!! I finally have all my custom orders caught up after 2 Months of sewing my brains out! Tomorrow I'm hitting the pool to get some rays and relax and actually do some people watching for excitement! Sounds like I need a life lol!

I did a wedding about 4 years ago or so now for a lady in Alabama whose daughter was getting married. They wanted pillowcase dresses for the flower girls as they had three of them. Well the mother of the that groom called me recently as now her daughter is getting married and they loved the dresses I did for her son's wedding and asked if I would make pillowcase dresses for 3 more little girls.

These dresses are made of a white linen polyester fabric which is so soft, looks just like linen, but it doesn't wrinkle like linen does, and it flows so nice. She wanted a four inch heirloomy lace at the hemline, and big wide white satin ribbons for the shoulder ties.  These turned out really nice and I hope she likes them. I hope the little ones like them too!

I bought extra of the fabric and some heirloom lace ribbon to make some more of these, but I have another way I'm going to do the neckline. I don't care for the wide casing you have to do for wide ribbon as it looks chunky to me, so I'm going to make a trim and then gather the fabric up and sew it onto the trim, and use the ribbon lace as ties. I think it will look much better. When I get them done I'll show you what I'm talking about.

Well here are these....they really are pretty!

Now some sleep and then a few days to play!  Yippee!!!

TaTa for Now!

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