Friday, May 28, 2010

Tea Time and Roses at Make Mine Pink

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 28th 2010 as we present "Tea Time and Roses"

Two of my favorite things have always been making time for tea and just about anything roses. When I enjoy them together, it feels like it just doesn’t get any better. Tea is used to celebrate so many special occasions – a chat with my daughter, to honor of a new bride, a visit with good friends, or just enjoying some quiet time by myself. It's always the right time for a cup of tea. And roses are always the perfect accessory.

Tea time and roses evoke so many memories for me. I don't know why, but the picture of a pink rose that I have hung in the entryway always reminds me of my grandmother pouring me tea from her favorite rose tea pot when I was a child. When I fill a vintage tea pot with the first roses of spring and sit in the middle of my dining table, the gentle fragrance always reminds me of the fresh cut roses my mother would bring in from her garden. I remember sharing a cup of tea with her as the scent of those roses filled the room.

It seems almost impossible to separate tea time and roses.  But who would want to? The tea cups, saucers and pots that I have displayed on a shelf, ready to bring down at a moment's notice, are decorated with hand painted roses and rosebuds. They give an aura of elegance and romance to any occasion. The mismatched set of tea cups that I found at the flea market is sprinkled with roses in red, orange, pink, and blue. They remind me that you don't have to look like everyone else to be beautiful. In fact, they're all the more interesting to me because each one is so unique.

Tea time and roses have captured my heart and my home as far back as I can remember. I've discovered that, together, they make everything more beautiful.

You'll find so many ideas for filling your own days with tea time and roses at Make Mine Pink.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Cottage Flair | Photo Contribution 2: Olivia Paige

Cracking Me Up Slippers

OMG! Hilarious Gag Gift Idea for the Diva Who Has it All !!!

I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw these! I just couldn't resist sharing. They are just to darn funny and sorta cute hehe. These are Maxi Pad Slippers! Can you believe these?! These would be a funny gag gift for a wedding shower for the bride to wear on her wedding night, pretty romantic don't ya think, or a baby shower gift just as a reminder of what the new mom has been missing for nine months if you know what I mean lol. This would certainly be perfect to get back at the ol jokester type person though. They could be embellished much prettier like a little more chic looking with pink roses or something. Maybe even a little bling would perk them up. I think I should make a pair of these for my darling daughter for Christmas and stuff them in her stocking. I can just see the look on her face with these!

If anyone is interested and find that you just can't live without of pair of these fashionable high styling foot warmers this is what you need and do.

You need four maxi's to make a pair. Two of them get laid out flat for the bottom of the foot part. The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top. Tape, glue, or sew each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part. Embellish the tops with what ever your heart desires. Whats so good about these Pad about Slippers is:

They are soft and hyginic.
They have non-slip grip strips on the soles. lol 
They have a built in deodorant feature keeping feet smelling fresh.
No more bending over to mop up spills. (They are very absorbent.) 
They are disposable and biodegradable making them environmentally safe. (Go Green)!
They are available in three convenient sizes: Regular, Light Day, and Get out the Sand Bags!

No I have not made these yet, but I'll try anything (almost) at least once! This was also not an idea from me and I don't know who's it was, but they sure must have a comical mind. Ya know, I bet a beautiful vintage chenille robe would look smashing with these!

Somebody needs to check to see if I have been working to hard lately and have completely flipped my lid! Naaa, I just needed to share a good laugh!

TATA for Now!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Flower Girl Pillowcase Dresses

YEA!!! I finally have all my custom orders caught up after 2 Months of sewing my brains out! Tomorrow I'm hitting the pool to get some rays and relax and actually do some people watching for excitement! Sounds like I need a life lol!

I did a wedding about 4 years ago or so now for a lady in Alabama whose daughter was getting married. They wanted pillowcase dresses for the flower girls as they had three of them. Well the mother of the that groom called me recently as now her daughter is getting married and they loved the dresses I did for her son's wedding and asked if I would make pillowcase dresses for 3 more little girls.

These dresses are made of a white linen polyester fabric which is so soft, looks just like linen, but it doesn't wrinkle like linen does, and it flows so nice. She wanted a four inch heirloomy lace at the hemline, and big wide white satin ribbons for the shoulder ties.  These turned out really nice and I hope she likes them. I hope the little ones like them too!

I bought extra of the fabric and some heirloom lace ribbon to make some more of these, but I have another way I'm going to do the neckline. I don't care for the wide casing you have to do for wide ribbon as it looks chunky to me, so I'm going to make a trim and then gather the fabric up and sew it onto the trim, and use the ribbon lace as ties. I think it will look much better. When I get them done I'll show you what I'm talking about.

Well here are these....they really are pretty!

Now some sleep and then a few days to play!  Yippee!!!

TaTa for Now!

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little Ones and Mommies in Mind!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cupcake N Sugar Cookie Creations - Tasty Spring Hats

Adorable Spring Hat Edibles for the Perfect Party Treat!

Aren't these just the cutest! Here's an idea for a child's tea party, baby shower, wedding shower, adult tea parties, a fashion party, Easter Celebration, Spring Time Celebration, or for any time!  I found this recipe about 5 years ago and gave it a try. Fun to make, even more fun creating these luscious treats. Beware though, its a major sugar rush! Let the kids help too, they'll love making these!

You can get fanicer I'm sure with decorating and creating these little sweeties, but this is an example of some of mine.

To make these you need to make up a batch of cupcakes in any flavor you want. I did vanilla, and also a batch of sugar cookies. 

You'll also need a bag of the spring colored M&Ms,
Red Hot Candies,
A bag of Skittles Candies, (the pastel colored ones if you can find them),
A bag of Starburst Candies,
Cookie decorating candies if you would like, like the sprinkles and such,
Your micro wave for softening up the Starburst,
A knife,
A rolling pin,
A frosting decorators kit to have the tips to make designs edging the bonnets,
And......lots of time to do this!
(It's almost best to do one at a time so you can add all your decorations to each cookie cupcake bonnet before the frosting hardens.)

One last thing...your tooth brush and toothpaste!

While your baking the cupcakes and cookies, make up some frosting using the confectioners powdered sugar. This hardens as it sets. You'll want to add enough water though to make it thin enough but not too thin to pour it over you cookie and cupcake. Add food coloring to get different colors of the frosting.

Once the cupcakes and cookies are done baking and cooling, take a sugar cookie and cover it with the frosting. Place a cupcake on top and now cover the cupcake with frosting.

Now to decorate using the other ingrediants. Soften up a Starburst candy in the microwave just for a few seconds. Then roll it out with a rolling pin. Take your knife and cut a long thin stripe and make it into a bow. Place it on the hat where ever you want it. You can also cut a long strip and wrap it around the base of the cupcake to give it a ribbon effect and then attach you bow with streamers at the back of the hat. For the flowers take your Skittles and cut them in half with your knife. Place them on the hat brim or where ever you want them so the cut side is down to form the petals of the flower. Do the same thing to form the leaves of the flower using the green Skittles. Use the Skittles, Red Hots, or M&Ms to decorate around the base of the cupcake and on the brim too.  To finish you can add some pretty designs with your frosting decorators kit using the different tips to make each bonnet unique. Now let it set so the frosting will harden to hold your goodies in place. Now move on to the next bonnet. It might be good to cut all your decorations in advance to be able to move through the decorating process quicker.

When having a party use these as name tags for seating at your table. Print out your names, attach it a tooth pick and place it in the center of the hat. Your guest will love them! Well I think that is everything but if any of you have any questions, just send us an email and we'll help you out!

I'm sure some of you will have more ideas for decorating and we would love to see them.  If any of you give this a try, send us some pictures and we'll share them on our blog. 

Have Fun and Happy Creating!
Make sure you brush your teeth after these and maybe have your dentist on speed dial!  :)

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little Ones and Mommies in Mind!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Littlest Graduate

Boy are the emotions running away with me lately!  I keep wondering "Where does the time go?!!

Thursday night I attended my littlest graduates graduation this year. This is Aiden Jacob, he is 4 soon to be five in July just a couple of days after my birthday. Master Aiden successfully graduated from Pre-K on May 20th, 2010. He was so proud! I so cried! I'm one of those women who is very emotional and when it comes to my kids or grandkids I have spewed tears with every little success they have had and, just about every little thing they have mastered in their little lives. Everything is a big deal to me when it comes to any of them. I'm always so amazed by their little minds and always wonder what goes through them.

As I watched this tiny little guy walk up to receive his diploma, I couldn't believe he was acutally going to be starting kindergarten this next year! It seems he was just a baby yesterday! I also was struggling with so much emotion because with him and his baby sister I have missed so much of their baby years because of my husbands stroke.

Prior to the stroke my husband and I had the kids just about every week for "Grandma's day". One day during the week I would have the little ones which at that time it was Parker and Lil Ryan (My son's little boy is Lil Ryan). They would spend a day and night with us and it was time doing fun things and making memories. On the weekends the older grand kids would stay and there again we would always do something fun and make a memory. Aiden was pretty little when my husband had his stroke two years ago now, so I haven't been able to spend the time with him like I did the others and I always feel so bad about that. Miss Emma who is now two and Aidens little sister has been even worse. I have missed just about everything with her and haven't had much time at all with her. This stroke has just sucked the life out of us in so many ways but the worst of it is not being able to have the family times that we used too have.

These children belong to my daughter Heidi. She has four, 3 boys and 1 girl.

Master Chase Micheal who is 18 and is graduating high school on June 3rd. That will be another tear jerker big time! He and his mommy lived with us until Chase was 11 years old. He was more like my own son and again I can't believe he is all grown up. I so miss him and how it use to be. Now he has a girl and grandma doesn't get to see him much these days, you know how that is. More about him later.

Then there is Master Parker Allen. Parker is 7 now and will be finishing 1st grade. For the 1st year and a half of his life Parker was so sick all the time mostly because of being in day care. He caught everything and some times it would be 3 or 4 illnesses all at the same time! One time we came close to losing him because he just couldn't totally recover from one thing when another illness would hit him. Grandma spent alot of time at home with him so he had a very special spot with me. But now he is doing great and active in just about every sport you can name. He will be my sport star one day and I just know he will be playing sports on TV. When this child was 6 months old he would sit and watch an entire football game on TV and not move a muscle! All he has ever talked about is Football and that is one of the sports he now plays along with soccer, and baseball. He wants to learn to play golf, basketball and tennis too. He will be my superstar I just know it! He lives and breaths sports!

Then comes Master Aiden Jacob. Aiden is Aiden. He is wild and crazy, on the go ninty to nothing, fearless, major attitude, (just like his mommy), but at the same time sweet and so handsome! Aiden also likes sports and plays soccer and baseball. These type of sports are just what this kids needs! Football and wrestling would probably do him the best because he just loves that contact thing. One little oddity about him is you can't walk by him where he thinks he has to hit you. Hope that gets under control before he starts school or he'll be in the principles office every day!

Then we finally have our girl Emma Grace. She is a spittin image of me when I was little. She is another one with a bit of an attitude but it's kinda of cute in a way. She is extreamly smart, but all of Heidi's children are. Miss Emma is very much the little girl. She loves purses, clothes, and shoes! Every time she comes to grandma's, she always gets my purses out and has to put every pair of shoes I own on her little feet! By the time she leaves I find shoes all over the house. She puts on one pair walks a few feet then goes and gets another pair until she had gotten them all, and thats about 30 pair or so. She already picks out her own clothes, and thats at the darn store! If she don't like it you better not buy it because she will scream if you try to put something on her she doesn't like! She has her own mind and you aren't going to change it! She loves to help clean and do chores. But she also is like a hurrican when it comes to making messes! And God help her stay a sweet little girl because those boys love teaching her all the bad stuff. She can hold her own with them though and oh my you should hear that set of lungs of hers! It will knock your socks off!  Boy does she remind me of her mother when she was little! I always told my daughter that I hoped she would have one just like she was, but instead of just getting one like she was, all four are just like she was lol! I don't envy her a bit!

But I do have to say I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. I'm so glad God gave them to us and I don't think I could POSSIBLY live with out them. They are a handful now but thank God they are healthy and ok. Before we know it they will all be grown and all their funny little ways about them now, will be the memories we will all remember and laugh about when they are grown.

I love watching them grow and being apart of their lives. There is nothing more important to me than that. I love my family, they are everything to me. But the worst part, especially at my age now, is the older they get the older I get and that stinks! I will not be one of those ladies who will grow old gracefully! I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with them and I don't like that much! I'm also already missing them the way they were and are. I wish there was a way to freeze time. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to my grandbabies. I do so much love you all, even if you are a crazy bunch! XXXXOOOO

Some of my favorite photos of Aiden and a favorite memory. These are of Aiden when he was 1 and we all went to the mall to take the little ones to see Santa. While waiting for Santa us big girls toured some of the ladies shops. Aiden got the brunt of that with Mima dressing him in all these ladies accessories, and it was all caught on Mima's camera. Mima is what they all call me. (So glad I took the camera that day), is Aiden just the cutest! I love his gorgeous eyes! We had so much fun that day and got some great photos which became a story in a photo album for their great grandmother's Cristmas present that year who lives in Michigan.

The Best Buds! Lil Ryan, Parker, and little Aiden

And Now it's already Kindergarten here I come! And I am the luckiest Mima in the world!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MMP Friday Shopping Event May 21st "A Spring Garden"

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 21st 2010 as we present "A Spring Garden"

Every year I look forward to the first flowers of spring. A garden filled with spring flowers always makes my heart beat a little faster with delight. Those first flowers inspire me to fill every corner of my home and yard with signs of rebirth and new life.

To the garden growing outside my window, I add a vintage planter filled with cheerful spring daisies. Their smiling faces welcome friends, old and new. I hang a ceramic plaque engraved with a friendly message among the tulips and the daffodils. On a busy day, it reminds me to rest a while and enjoy the spring flowers. From early in the morning until sundown, spring birds fill my yard and heart with their songs. They flit from tree to tree, looking for the perfect spot to build their nests. I could spend hours watching them carefully perch on the dainty teacup bird feeders I've set out for them.

When the weather is warm enough, I love to host a tea party outdoors for my granddaughters. On cooler days, I sip my tea indoors by a window overlooking the garden. I love to breathe spring into my home by adding floral touches throughout. I cover my table with a cloth sprinkled with dainty spring flowers and leaves. A floral Victorian cake stand makes a perfect centerpiece for the grand occasion – the arrival of spring. I set the table with vintage teacups and saucers encircled with tiny rosebuds for drop in guests.

In my sitting room, a beautiful handmade pillow rests on the sofa, which I have slip-covered in spring colors. Another pillow covered in bright pink blossoms sits proudly on my bed, now made afresh with spring linens. On the hall console I fill a crystal bowl with spring-scented potpourri and enjoy the fragrance of the season as it fills the house. At my desk, I write notes to friends I haven’t heard from in a while on notepaper filled with butterflies and spring spring flowers.

A spring garden is nature's announcement that the world is coming back to life. With its arrival, I feel more vibrant and alive, making me want to bring spring into every corner of my life.

The boutiques at Make Mine Pink can help you create a spring garden in your life.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Mary's Cottage Treasures | Photo Contribution 2: Cameo Kids Boutique | Photo Contribution 3: C'est Chouette

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Ballet Baby Booties

Sharing some handmade baby sweets!

I have always had a thing for cutsie footwear for babies.
I came across this Etsy shop offering these adorable baby ballet Booties
and I just had to share them. Aren't they just adorable!?
I love the color designs and prints and the darling ruffled ribbons.

And thats not all she offers! Look at these!
Hair bows and hair clippies.

And you'll also find "Bow Boards" to keep all those hair accessories at hand!

You really must visit her shop. These all would make perfect
gifts for a new baby gift too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Make Mine Pink "Cherished Memories" A Shopping Event!

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 14th 2010 as we present "Cherished Memories"

I love to surround myself with treasures from the past. They often remind me of my favorite people and some of my favorite moments in time. I hope to pass these memories down to my own children and grandchildren one day.

Like so many others, I've kept a family album of old photographs, yellowed with age. Some of the faces I remember from long ago. There are weddings and births, laughing voices and forever romances recorded in these images. They are moments that live on because I remember.

One of my favorite things is Dad's old pocket watch. The hands of time are still moving, although a little slower than before. I remember him pulling the watch from his pocket so many times. Then there is Grandma's unfinished needlepoint. It’s wrapped in tissue and sitting at the bottom of an old wooden chest. Her fingers now lie still, but I remember the long chats we had while I watched as she stitched her beautiful designs. Having these treasures nearby makes me feel as if they are still near.

Even the heirlooms and antiques I find at the flea market have special meaning for me. The old French perfume bottles that line my bedroom shelf were perhaps a gift to an elegant lady from a doting admirer or loving husband. A collection of antique silver spoons that I use on special occasions, were perhaps a gift to a young bride. A cozy quilt stitched from well-loved clothing inspires me to imagine the garments the squares of fabric came from, and the people who once wore them.

When my daughters and children come to dinner, I set the table with my mother's favorite tablecloth and china, and aways have something to tell them my favorite childhood anecdotes and stories that were once told to me. It seems fitting to share my cherished memories while creating new ones of our own. Memories that will mingle together, both old and new, and continue to be passed down for generations to come

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Forget Me Not Dreams | Photo Contribution 2: Grandma G's | Photo Contribution 3: The Antique Boutique 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Mother's Day Present!

From My Darling Hubby for Mother's Day!

This is Jessica Lynn or now what I have dubbed her
Lady Jessica ....A Romantic Hanging Bridal Dress Form
This beautiful piece has been embellished with lots of white ruffles,
antique French net lace ribbons, antique Victorian bridal orange blossoms,
Victorian circa 1800's slip with net lace insets and, assorted vintage millinery.
Do I not have the best hubby in the World?! 

Isn't she just to die for?!!!!!
I can't wait till she arrives!
She is a hand creation by Shabbyfufu Boutique

Sweet Tiny Chic Hand Bag Necklace

Isn't this just the cutest little necklace!
This little sweetie is called "Little June", and she was made by the
owner of this Etsy Shop "Pastel Petals". She offers a collection
of handmade dainty, romantic, and subtle chic jewelery.
Some are sweetly whimsical, and some are vintage charming.
Here are a few more examples of what you can find in her shop. 
I just love some of this stuff!
Isn't this too cute!? It's even a locket!
And Look at this.....
Aww! A "First Love Charm Necklace...Love the Rose
Vintage Chic Long Necklace
Isn't this Beautiful?!!  And she has so many more beautiful cute and sweet pieces!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something Sweet for Emma

My daughter bought several summer tops for my granddaughter Emma and brought them to me and says "Do your stuff on these".  For this white tank top t-shirt I just made this simple white flower out of vintage feedsack and frayed the edges. I then was just playing around with some pink satin ribbon which I rolled into a flower, frayed the edges, then I took the frayed threads and sewed them into the flower and thought "how sweet. I layed it in the center of the white flower and thought, "thats looks even sweeter! So I sewed the pink rose flower in place and added a pin fastener on the back and embellished the little tank t-shirt with it.  I have this yummy pastel pink cotton fabric that matched so beautifully to the pink in the flower so I made her a pair of pantaloons to match. I love how the set turned out and missy Emma looks so good in pink so it was simple but perfect! A whole new outfit for my Emma!

Monday, May 3, 2010

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