Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Mother's Day Present!

From My Darling Hubby for Mother's Day!

This is Jessica Lynn or now what I have dubbed her
Lady Jessica ....A Romantic Hanging Bridal Dress Form
This beautiful piece has been embellished with lots of white ruffles,
antique French net lace ribbons, antique Victorian bridal orange blossoms,
Victorian circa 1800's slip with net lace insets and, assorted vintage millinery.
Do I not have the best hubby in the World?! 

Isn't she just to die for?!!!!!
I can't wait till she arrives!
She is a hand creation by Shabbyfufu Boutique


  1. She is absolutely amazing, you are a very lucky girl. Happy Mother's Day!

    Janet's creatures are over the top gorgeous.


  2. OMGosh
    I have been wanting one of her dress forms for 3 years now. You lucky girl you. I wish I was there to take your picture when your opening it up. Have someone handy at the time while you are opening her taking your pictures and as she unfolds the story can be your blog that week. Love it Love it. Kath'

  3. just found your blog! Love it!
    your newest follower

  4. Hi Kath! Thats a great idea! I'm dying to see her. Janet is on vacation so she won't ship till she gets back. 3 days to go before she gets back from vacation and Lady Jessica will be on her way here! I'm getting so into these dressed up dress forms. I guess I can say I have another thing I am collecting, like I need anymore collections of stuff!

  5. Welcome Keren! Thank you for following us. Love your blog too! Love those vintage images. Hope to get to know you better, your a girl after my own heart!


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