Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink Vintage Hanky Apron Baby Onesie

A Sweet Baby Gift for New Baby - Lucious Pinks! - Gorgeous Roses! 
Perfect for Spring - Summer - and Those Precious Baby Pictures!

MMP Friday Shopping event April 30th "Blossoms and Blooms"

Cameo Kids Boutique and MMP Cordially Invite You to Come Shop The Make Mine Pink Shopping Event On Friday, April 30th, 2010 "Blossoms and Blooms"

The beautiful blossoms and blooms of spring refresh my senses and feed my soul. They usher in warmer days of working in the garden, taking tea on the porch with friends, placing fresh cut flowers in vases throughout the house. Both indoors and out, I love to surround myself with blossoms and blooms and all the pleasures of spring.

Outside in the garden, my cheery plot of bright red tulips is among the first to bloom. In the middle of their friendly faces, I plant a ceramic plaque with the words "Welcome friends." Spring birds, attracted to the rainbow of colors blooming in my yard, inspire me to add pretty painted birdhouses and wrought iron birdbaths so they'll feel at home.

Blossoms and blooms are flourishing inside the house too. They grow along the edge of the vintage linen tablecloth I put on the table each spring, in carefully placed threads of pink, red and green. A garden of spring flowers decorates the notepaper and envelopes I keep handy on my writing table and floral shaped soaps rest on an antique dish at the edge of the bath. In my china cabinet,
dainty roses and buds encircle much treasured, heirloom teacups and plates.

In my bedroom, another spring garden comes to life. French ribbon roses adorn a favorite pillow. Hand built ceramic roses, replace tired and worn drawer pulls on a favorite vanity. A delicate floral pattern dances around the edge of the vintage handkerchief draped over a lamp shade close by the bed. On the bed, a needlepoint pillow displays pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses. I'm almost certain the fragrance of spring hangs in the air as I fall asleep each night.

Blossoms and blooms, wherever they may be found, are the heralds of a new season – one filled with sunny days, dear friends, vibrant colors and rich musical sounds. In their presence, life seems more beautiful and my soul feels more alive.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Forget Me Not Dreams | Photo Contribution 2: Shabby Shan's Cottage | Photo Contribution 3: Angel Heart Designs

Part 3: Journey from Recycled Vintage to Heirloom Little Girls Dress

 The Final End to the "Journey from Recycled Vintage to Heirloom Little Girl's Dress"

Vintage Pillowcase Dress and Pink Vintage Chenille Pantaloons
It is Done!!!

It started with this:

Then we added a bit of pink and green color to the embroidery and hand embroidered the little girls name in:

Next the transformation to a dress:

Add the 2die4 pretty pink vintage squiggly chenille pantaloons:

The set is finished and on its last journey to its new owner!
Isn't it amazing how an old pillowcase can become such a sweet little girls dress, and it's pack full of vintage charm and history too! {cloudy day so picture didn't turn out so good :( }.

See Part 1 of the Journey Here
See Part 2 of the Journey Here

No matter how many dresses I've made, I'm always amazed with their unique beauty and charm, and how sweet they are as dresses. It thrills me to know that they have a new life where others can enjoy their beauty for another day and hopefully alot of tomorrows too.

Thanks for sharing in the journey!
TaTa for Now!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Brothers Shirt - Altered Couture

Altered Couture
From Brothers Old Pullover Shirt to a Darling Shrug for Little Sister

This was such a fun project! My sweet Thea my neighbor who is 14, loves crafting, creating, and designing.  Her passion or one of them anyway is making jewelry and her pieces are just beautiful. I'll show those another time. Another huge interest she has as all girls her age do is fashion.  She's like my little side kick now!  Anyway, I had come across some where a long while back this idea of taking a t-shirt and transforming it into a shrug.  I made one for my little granddaughter Emma and Thea just loved it.  She wanted to make one for herself and asked if I would help her and what would she need.  I told her any ole t-shirt would do.  She shows up at my door with an old pullover shirt of her brothers.  It was in great shape except the elbow on one sleeve had a large hole in it. No problem I told her and we headed to my sewing room.  I gave her some ideas of how we could embellish the shirt to give it a more feminine look and got out some of my magazines, one being "Altered Couture".  She found one picture she loved so we tried to do something similar mostly in the color scheme, baby blue and black.  She loved the light blue fabric so we searched through my stash of fabrics and found just the color she was looking for.  We then got into my vintage lace stash and found several pieces to incorporate into this vision she had. I cut the baby blue fabric into flower shapes, glued some vintage lace all around the edges of it, did some black embroidery stitches to the flowers center, and then sewed on a couple of vintage black buttons.  Next I machine stitched lines in the flowers to define the petals of the flowers using black thread.  We then added more vintage laces around the two blue flowers to give it a bit of a Victorian look if you will.  I found an old grosgrain belt that was black with white polka dots so we cut that in half and sewed that in behind the flowers for a bit of pop. 

Next I took the shirt and cut it in half on the front and cut the neckline off.  Because of the hole in the elbow, I cut the sleeves off to make a three quarter sleeve length for her and added some crocheted lace for trim. I then made a casing up the front and around the neckline sewing it with black thread, then wove black satin ribbon through for the ties.  We added some more embroidered lace all along the bottom of the shirt.  Once the shirt was finished, I sewed our flower creation on and waa-laa! A beautiful shrug for Thea!  Her mom bought her a pretty baby blue cami that matched perfectly to the color of the flower embellishment to complete the look Thea wanted. It looked smashing on her as everything does and we had a few hours of fun.  Now all I need to do is teach her how to use the sewing machine, because she has a ton of ideas and things she wants to make!  It has also inspired a ton of ideas for me, like I need anymore but I think this would be fun to add to my kids clothing line. I must say, it turned out pretty darn cute!
TaTa for Now!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Hanky Surprise Contest - We Have A Winner!

The Correct Answer Was ..... Hanky Neck Scarf!
And the Winner is ... Carol at "Business In The Bag"
Carol is also a "Make Mine Pink Girl!"

Carol has won one of our vintage hanky scarf creations, and any one her heart desires! Let me know which one you choose Carol and I'll get it sent right out to you!  Thank you for participating!  I hope you will enjoy your gift!  I need your address too!

A special thanks to all who played in our "Vintage Hanky Surprise" contest.  Thank you all for your support and the fun!  It would have turned out perfect if I hadn't ended up in the darn hospital for three days, but it was only a delay on announcing our winner and posting the pictures. 

I have lots of pictures so this post will be picture long!
Our Vintage Hanky Neck Scarves are 63"L and a mix of several vintage hankies each.

These to This

These to This

These to This

These to This

These to This

This one the "Pinks" is full hankies sewn into a neck scarf.

The following photos are the girls modeling the scarves and all the ways they can be worn.

After Ms. Carol selects her hanky neck scarf the rest will be listed for sale at Cameo Kids Boutique
Hope you all enjoy our new creations. It was fun creating them!

A special thanks to my sweet beautiful adopted neighbor girls for modeling these for you.  Aren't they just the cutest kids!!??  Thanks Thea, and Leila....your so good to me! Hugs and Kisses!

TaTa for Now!

Part 2: Journey from Recycled Vintage to Heirloom Little Girls Dress

The Dress is Done! - Just the Pantaloons Left to go to Finish this Journey! 

Here is the picture of the gorgeous vintage pillowcase where I added a bit of pink and green into the original all white embroiderd design. Now this little lovely is a beautiful little girls vintage pillowcase dress too, an heirloom for today's and tommorw's little girls. I hope my customer, now friend will be pleased.

Here is the before as a pillowcase in it's original form.

I added a touch of color with a soft pastel pink and a soft light green to enhance the beautiful embroidered design and I hand embroidered the little girls name.

Now that beautiful white embroidered vintage pillowcase is a beautiful little girl's pillowcase dress.

All thats left is the sweet pink vintage chenille pantaloons to finish the set and this journey!

Stay Tuned!

See the beginning of this journey here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MMP's Pink Slipper Project

Cameo Kids Boutique's contributes to help those in need for the Pink Slipper Project.

Helping to Make a Difference

We're warming toes and hearts, women and children, one shelter at a time.  Would you like to be involved with making a difference in the lives of others?  Do you want to know how?  Please visit The Pink Slipper Project  by clicking the link below. 

Giving to others makes a Heart Feel Good!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Stunning Wedding Journal

I would like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine at Noelle Garrett Designs. I met these girls at Make Mine Pink where we both have Little Pink Boutiques. Their names are Carrie and Jean. They specialize in one of a kind embellished journals, unique paper creations, home accents, and unique gifts! The inspiration behind their creations comes from their love of vintage, Victorian, Parisian, and Cottage Style Living. I highly recommend you pay them a visit at Noelle Garrett Designs or their blog here.

This is the wedding journal I recently purchased to record my new hubby's and I's courtship and wedding. It's just beautiful and so vintage!

I also had purchased this beautiful vintage dress form "Lady Jane", that they altered. The shawl was another purchase from them too, and I thought it looked really good on Miss Lady Jane so that is where it stays.  Isn't she just beautiful!!??

Denim and Lace Purse

For moms, teens, and all the girls in between.  Just listed this hip and stylish handmade denim and vintage lace purse in the boutique.  We recycled the pockets off a pair of Levi's and added this beautiful rose floral lace from a vintage table cloth.  The purse is fully lined with one pocket inside. Flap has button closure.  Another piece of lace embellishes the back. This has a long shoulder to strap to wear over the shoulder, messenger style, or as a fanny pack by slipping the loops at the top of the purse on your belt. Very cool and you can find it here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pink Violin

I just have to brag about my newest purchase from a lovely friend of mine at My European Touch on Etsy. Her name is Monika and she is a mosaic artist. She offer's a wide assortment of quality mosaic art made by carefully hand cutting mosaic tiles from vintage and new china plates. Her work is beautiful.

I found her when I came across a real violin that she had applied her mosaic craft to and I fell in love with it but didn't have the money to spend at the time. She now offers a layaway plan and will also do custom orders. The other day she emailed me to let me know about this sweet little piece she did. Although not mosaic, I just adored it. It was made with everything I love! It was pink, had pink pearls, is covered with vintage lace, gimp on the edges, and old vintage brooch with roses, beautiul pink roses, feathers, and a cameo! (I love and collect cameos). She also sent me a couple of glittered butteflies that I placed among the roses. It was also a violin but made out of wood, about 18" long, and I could afford it. It was just my cup of tea so I bought it right then and there. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?!  I laid this on an old vintage photo frame with the oval glass and all. I wished it would fit inside because it really looks great!  Don't mind my rug in the background though.


If you Love Mosaic, you must visit her at My European Touch or visit her blog here.
Tell her Debi from Cameo Kids Boutique sent you!

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