Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cameo Kids is Now Open!

We're Back In The Shop!!

Our Move Has Been Pushed Back
To The End Of Jan., 2012

So Cameo Kids Is Now Open Until
 The End Of The Year!

Yea!!! Gives Us Much More Time To Prepare
And Get Ready For the Event!

The Only Items Available for Custom Orders
Will Be Our Vintage Pillowcase Dresses...
Everything Else On The Site Is Premade
And Ready To Ship!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My New Posh on Palm Goodies

Some Things That Came Home With Me On Recent Visit To Posh on Palm!
(Love that Store!)

This lamp was reconstructed using parts from three different lamps,
and the shades were embellished with vintage laces and flowers.

She has found a home in my Antique my vintage blocks from a local antique store here in Brandon.

Are these not just the cutest glitter birds!?..... I love their curly feathers!

Love these worn out pink ballet slippers. Have wanted a pair for a long while, so on this trip they came home with me!
I hung them with the roses I've dried out and perserving that hubby got for me for Mother's Day in my sewing studio!

P.S. I have some new photos of Posh on Palm with their new goodies....will be posting soon!

TATA Till Later!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Sweet Little Finch and Her New Friend - Mr. Frog! LOL Not So Much!

The Most Entertaining Sillies That Happen Around Here! :)

Was taking a break from sewing out on my back porch,
when all of a sudden there was this commotion going on in the large bird cage we have out here...
for my bird who was actually born in that nest right here at home! She is 6 now.
We had 15 of them at one time until a raccoon got the cage door open one night...was so sad!

"ShabbyGirl" is my sweet little Finch, and she has just discovered again
Mr. Frog has come to visit uninvited...she is not really too fond of Mr. Frog.......

"I'm almost there.....ohohoh ... water fun!" says Mr. Frog

Rut Row Mr. gonna be in troooouble!

.............Shabbygirl is a bit ticked off he's in her water dish!
She looks at me like she's saying, "Mom, What's Up With This Green Slippery Dude!"

Mr. Frog in the water dish cooling off and just hanging out!
He has made visits every evening for about the last 4 weeks now hehe!

Well she ain't having it, so heads to her nest!

Says, she ain't coming out till he leaves!

GGGGGRRRRRRR!!!! "Is he gone yet!?"

What!!!???? Whad I do!??  Geeeessshhhh!

This is what she always does, she ducks her face down and sticks her little butt up in the air thinking,
 if I can't see you, you can't see me! She's a bit miffed at the moment!

Frog ducks down too...."Can she see me now!?"

NO...but I can smell you! HA!

Mr. Frog tries to duck down when I take the dish out of the cage  to change Shabbygirls water ...
hehe, like he thinks I'm won't see him either! haha....

Off you go Mr. Frog! ShabbyGirl wants her water dish back!
I'd be careful if I was you...she might just take to pecking you to death!

haha...I ain't afraid of her!.......later!!  :)
The End!

I must be BORED LOL!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Altered Art Vintage Mannequin Dress Form

A Vintage Treasure of Memories

Here is the newest addition to my crazy obession with collecting vintage mannequins...acutally, mannequins period!

This is Lady Annabelle!

Found this little sweetie at my favorite local antique shop....
the lady there teases me with things she knows I like lol, this is the second one
I have bought from her now, I need to stay away from there for a long while,
because I just know she is working on another just to entice me again!
Don't care for the gold wooden base on this one, so one day I'll redo it!
Totally love the rest of her!

She was altered using old vintage fashion magazine cutouts, vintage laces,
a vintage lace tablecloth, vintage buttons, some ribbon flowers, a
gorgeous piece of  hand crocheted lace for her skirt, some wall paper,
old sheet music, a rose, lace appliques, and some gimp! The waist has been tied
with a wide width of black satin ribbon tied in a large bow in the back!
I just love love love her! The articles from the
magazine are fun and interesting to read too!

Lots of ads for corsets and ladies under clothing...I love the fashions back then!

Don't you just adore the fashions back in the day!?  I do TOO! :)
Even a sewing machine ad! I just think she is so UNIQUE!!!
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