Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Sweet Vintage and Antique Finds

I Found a New Antique Shop!
It's Just to Die For Fabulous!

On the way home from an appointment the other day I finally stopped at this antique shop I have passed by a bazillion times! I had my camera even! This is one of the greatest antiques shops I have ever seen! I took a few pictures but then the battery on the darn camera died! I'm going back as soon as I can and I'll share with you this awsome place just packed with thousands of treasures. I can't believe its taken me so long to stop in. You will love it!

After only two and half rooms as this is in an old house, I couldn't stand it anymore. I went to the two ladies working that day, and said "you all need to do more than just this store. You need to expand your window of opportunity to more than just the people who drive by here, because you have some gorgeous treasures here, and I know hundreds of people who would love to buy this stuff!" We had a little chat which got them excited. I then gave them a few places they could get started real easy on the internet. We're going to get together so I can show them this whole new world to explore for sales for themselves and treasures for you and me. I almost hate sharing them though lol. I can't wait to be able to get back there myself. I think I might need a loan because there was tons of stuff I would love to have! And they had some of the most amazing vintage toys, many of which brought back memories for me. Ewww, not so sure that is a good thing. That's telling my age when they now consider toys of my day antiques! Think I'll also need a bigger house to boot! I really need to stop going to these places! They will be great though for decorating the grandkids rooms with. 

This is some of the treasures I did purchase.

I got five beautiful vintage hand crocheted lace doilies

One vintage hanger with a boy on it that I had to talk the lady into selling me lol

Two beautiful beautiful vintage 1940's christening dresses that are mint with one having a jacket, hat, slip, and the dress, the other was a dress with slip

A little wicker chair for my hanky dolls

A mint condition large vintage sugar feedsack

Two beautiful photos of vintage women in scrolly tin like frames

And, two pairs of vintage baby shoes, one pair being 1800's brown high tops with buttons up the side, and in really pretty good shape for the age. The white ones are a bit beat up but they reminded me of a pair something like my daughter had when she was little. 

I spent $129.00 with the little brown shoes costing the most., but not near as much as I have seen on the net or other shops, so it was a great buy! I have always wanted a pair of them for my antique bedroom. Here is just a couple of pics of the treasures I now call mine. I'll blog more another time about this great shop with lots of pictures too! They have tons of everything you could think of, and it made me think of so many of you!

When I get some time I'll do more photo's of the dresses.
You won't believe how beautiful they are. I will be listing them
 on the website for purchase also! (When I get some more time!)

I can't wait to go back!

These are so much prettier than this picture shows

This feedsack is huge! I think this will become a pillow!

Aren't these just too precious!? These are my favorite of all! Well maybe!

Now I really really really need to get back to work!

It Was Fun! I needed a break from sewing so bad, but now I'm good!
I so miss having time for this!

TaTa for Now! Hope your weekend it sweet!

What I Have Been Doing All Summer - Sewing Sewing Sewing!

Busy Busy Summer at the Boutique and Homefront!

This has truly been the busiest time in Cameo Kids History! I have had so many custom orders this summer and I'm still sewing. A few more to go and then I'm taking a break! I've been trying to get a new website for Cameo Kids, but have had so little time to finalize everything so who knows when that will be finished. I have tons of stuff to photo and get up on the boutique that should have been up months ago! I also have new ideas to create to sell too. I wish I didn't have to sleep, it just gets in the way of my time lol. I haven't been able to blog much and have so much to share with you. My facebook and tweeting has been minimal too. There is just so much to do and keep up with in a day and there is only just little ol me, and that's just in work. Then there is home and hubby! My family I haven't seen much at all and that makes me sad. The summer is over and they are back in school and time is just flying by!

My husband and I are also having to look for a place to live as the house we have rented for over three years now is up for a short sale. The economy has hit hard the owner of the home as he is in the home industry. He has already lost two homes. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a recent bid on the house will be accepted by the bank because they want us to stay. We want to stay until we are ready to move. If my husbands company sells by December like their hoping for, we have found some beautiful property on a lake to build a house there hopefully by the start of the year. There are just so many things going on in our lives right now it's just unbelieveably crazy and nerve wracking but some things being exciting all at the same time!

This is a little bit of what I've been sewing all summer.

made a second set like this one

sold this but had taken the hankie apron part off so had to finish the alter on this

made another of these from the second case for an older child's top

sold this the only thing I didn't have to make, was already to ship Yea!

for a baptism - white cotton eyelet with the whole set lined

for a wedding - ivory batiste with ivory lace and lining

another wedding - ivory linen polyester and ivory lace

third wedding - white linen polyester and white lace - this style seemed real popular this summer

vintage pillowcase with pink cotton pantaloons

two vintage pillowcases recycled into sweet dresses with fabric shoulder ties

floppy summer hats for twins - girl and boy

two more floppy hats for two other little girls just like this with the pink flower

a sock doll with vintage embroidered embellishments

another order

and this is two other orders - two on one order - one on the other

another vintage pillowcase dress

another vintage pillowcase dress - pictures are't real great darn it

another pillowcase sundress using vintage feedsack fabric

pillowcase dress and pantaloons out of beautiful floral fabric and crocheted lace in cream - did the casing different on this on so you don't have to draw up the dress with the ribbons but is still adjustable for length

these went with the order above - bad bad picture

three pairs of these each different orders

a peasant style vintage pillowcase dress with vintage chenille pantaloons and sleeves

vintage pillowcase dress with white chenille pantaloons for baptism

I also did a vintage tranfer of a little boy in a wagon with his dog on a t-shirt for a little boy but didn't take a photo - had to scramble to get that order out in time with 7 items in all, still have 2 headbands and a little boys ball cap to do on that order.

There was other stuff too but didn't take photos - this is still on the table to complete
2 ribbon headbands
one little boys ball cap
1 little girls top with pantaloons out of vintage chenille
3 vintage pillowcase dresses - and 1 pair of chenille pantaloons (one dress is done, working on pantaloons)
2 vintage hankie purses
2 vintage hanky bonnets
1 tote bag
1 make up bag
and if I remember right that is the end of the custom orders unless more come in! :) I think, maybe I need to check, orders are upstairs

So it's been really busy and hectic and summer flew by without saying hello!

Well it's back to the sewing room to get these done so I can take a few days off and then get to new creations and taking photos of things ready to sell and been ready for months acutally since before last Christmas! Yikes!! It's almost that time again!

Have a Grrrrreat Weekend! I'll be thinking of you all!

Hugs and Blessings!

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little One's and Mommies in Mind, by Creating and Making Vintage Beautiful and Useful Again!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Place

What's Your Favorite Place - Join the Link Party at My Friend Cindys Blog

My Favorite Place In the World to Be

This cloud looks like an angel is flying over. This is God's world!

This is my favorite place to be. The beachs at Longboat Key, FL. or Lido Beach FL.

I love going to the beach anytime and all the time when I can. But I must say the beach is also my place to find peace and serenity when the world seems to stressful, or when life feels like it's falling apart. Many times I will drive down to the beach during the day or sometimes even late in the evening when I feel I need to talk and connect with God and feel close to him. I always feel so much better and my burdens feel lighter. I have even thrown some clothes and the overnight bag in my Explorer, along with my pillow and blanket and headed to the beach and slept right in the car at one point during my divorce. I stayed for two nights and 3 days. It's the place where I can think and sort things out. It's a place for peace and clearing my mind. It's the place where I! Free from an ugly world and what it can do to a person.

I point my face out to the ocean and sky. I watch the birds fly freely above and listen to the chatter of the seagulls. Sometimes I'll see dolphins swim by. I love the breeze in my face and blowing through my hair. The smell of the salt water and the soft feel of the white sand on my feet is mesmerizing. It's quiet. This is where I feel God on a good day or bad day, and I always find peace and comfort here. It's the most beautiful place I know with the never ending blue skies, the rolling waves, the white sand, the delightful smells, the sounds of water hitting the shore, the beautiful sun shining, the gorgeous sunsets, and peace and quite. How did he create such beauty!? I always look forward and keep the world at bay behind me until it's time to leave. I close my eyes and pray, talk to God, and listen. I always feel him. When I'm ready to turn around where life awaits me to leave, I feel alive and ready to go back home with a renewed sense of strength, and sure sense of God's love, and know I can and will be ok. I'm calm and alive again and know that the God that created all of this is still with me.

My heart, mind, and soul knows once again, I'm not in this world alone.
God, Water, and Me are One Again! I'm New Again!

Love and Hugs and God's Blessings to You!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on Our Sweet Emma

Thank You to All of our Friends and Family for Caring and Praying for Our Emma

With all she has been through, she is such a brave little girl! 

They finally took her to surgery at about 8 something Tuesday morning. Thank God she didn't have to have any pins put in the bones, but they still had to knock her out to set the bones and a couple of hours later this is what she now sports around. This cast goes from her chest on down the whole of  her right leg to her ankle, and half of her left leg, all round her back and pelvis, and then leaving an opening for her to potty where a diaper is just laid under her and pulled up over the front to make sure her cast doesn't get wet or soiled.

In two weeks they will remove all of this and x-ray her leg. If it hasn't healed enough, they will put this same thing back on her for another two weeks and then check again. They say it could be like this for 6 to 8 weeks. They stopped the morphine today with her last dose during the night last night. They now give her Tylenol and she had only had one dose all day today. As I was leaving last night (Wednesday Night) she told the nurse her leg was hurting so they may have given her another dose after I left which was about 10:15PM. Her spirits were really good today, a bit on the crabby side at times but who wouldn't be in that condition. The most painful time is when you have to lift her to change the diaper, or she found out today they had a wheelchair like wagon for her so we could get her out of the room and stroll the halls. Guess what Emma wanted to do ALL Day and most of this evening?! We walked, walked, and walked today. She'd cry when lifted up and over to the stroller wagon, but once we got her settled and legs propped she was good to go. She loved getting out of that room! I wonder though that the reason she didn't want to go back to the room was because she knew it was going to hurt again to put her back in the bed.

She is such a big girl now and so proud of that, that right after she had come out of the anesthetic pretty good, she had to go potty. Now mind you when she was taken to the first hospital the night before around 6:30PM, a bit later she had to go potty. They had put a diaper on her so she could but she refused to go in the diaper. We tried to tell her it was ok but she would just shake her head no and said she was a big girl. Well Emma has been totally potty trained now for about 6 months and she says only babies use diapers and she wanted to go on the potty because she is a big girl she says. We couldn't get her to use the diaper and that baby held it all night and it wasn't until she was unconsious that she fianlly went! After her leg was set and out of recovery back in her room, and several hours later with the IV's running through her, she had to go potty again. Once again we tried to get her to go in the diaper. Once again Emma refused. We would say it was ok to use the diaper but she would shake her head and say the nurse said, "how about a potty for the bed (bed pan), Emma says nooooooo and shook her head, she wanted to use the bathroom and that was it! So the nurse and mommy said ok lets try the bathroom. So they both got on either side to lift her and of course she started crying because it hurt her leg. They went to lay her back down and Emma says noooooooo, she wanted to use the bathroom! So once again they lifted her all the while Emma is crying those big gator tears, and mom and the nurse carried her to the bathroom. It wasn't an easy feat either trying to get her through the doorway without banging her legs or feet. Her little body is in a bit of a curved position so she couldn't sit straight up and down either. While mommy and the nurse held her over the potty, she relaxed a little bit as I think she is so afraid of the pain she tenses making it worse, but she finally started to go, but then stopped. She said she wasn't done but nothing was happening and mommy and the nurse were really struggling trying to hold her there. She is really heavy with the cast on. So I turned on the water in the sink and wala! She went and went. You should have seen the smile on her face. She was beamig with tears still rolling down those sweet little cheeks. Well now she is using the diaper because I think once that was over, she realizes how much pain it causes her to use the big potty, so the diaper isn't so bad at least for now. She is so funny you can't help but laugh at her.

Her nurses have said she is one of the most amazing patients they have ever had. They can't believe how smart and intelligent Emma is for her age. They also can't believe her high tolerance for pain., so that goes to show how much pain she must have been having the night before when her leg was broken. Her screams were unbelieveable! They said with the injury she has and the age she is, most of their patients are given pain meds every 30 minuets. Emma was going about 6 hours in between doses. This was after her leg was set though. When they have to do something that she knows will make her hurt, the tears start flowing and she says nooooo, but will do or let them do what they have too. They have to keep checking her circulation and watch for any swelling. She is always afraid when they have to take her blood pressure and temperature. She also won't let them take her temp under her arm either. Big girls do it by mouth don't ya know. They just get the biggest kick out of her. They have all fallen in love with her. Her nurses have been so wonderful and soft and gentle with her. They are so amazed at how strong she is and tries to be even when she knows it's going to hurt. We're having trouble getting her to eat and she's not even drinking much which is really odd for her as she normally is drinking something all the time. She is hopefully going home today (Thursday), but last night before I left she started spiking a fever, plus she needs to eat more, so we'll see. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel a bit better to make the cut to go home. Keeping our fingers crossed. We are thankful that she is now on the mend, lets just hope it will be sooner than later for her sake. This is going to be really tough on her, because Miss Emma was one very active busy little girl! 

The next dilemma is finding someone who can care for Emma while her parents work. She can't go to daycare now and I live 45 minuets away and can't leave my husband everyday for all those hours. My daughter doesn't think I would be able to lift her either because of my messed up back. Her other grandmother is going through therapy for her back and there is nobody else. Her parents can't afford to miss work or they will sink another issue and trying to find the answer. 

She's talking to her daddy and brother's Chase, Parker, and Aiden.

The best part is we are seeing her smile and laugh a little bit again and she is acting more like our Emma! :) Yea!

Thank you so much again for your thoughts and prayers for Emma and her family. This time around has not been as horrifing as my last memory at that hospital. Maybe now I can get some decent sleep and we'll see what our day brings today. My Emma is a beauty inside and out and even though she is doing so much better, it still cruches my heart seeing her like this. Thank goodness she is little and strong and hopefully a year from now she won't remember any of this! And, if her little bones heal quickly she won't have to endure too much therapy so she will be running and playing again soon and once again making my heart leap into my throat waiting for the next boo boo from this little princess wild child! :) Don't ya just love em!

TaTa for Now and Good Night!
Hugs and stuff!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please Pray for my Little Emma

Please pray for my little granddaughter Emma who is two. Last evening about 6PM her (femur) thigh bone was broken right in half. They had no orthopedic surgeon in Bartow, FL. or Lakeland, FL. so they sent her by ambulance an hour away to Tampa General and wouldn't even let her parents ride with her in the name of liability. Tampa General is the same hospital that dang near killed my husband two years ago and because of that his life is a mess now and who knows if he will ever recover. I'm terrified for my little Emma there. They say they will take her who knows when maybe by 9:30 this morning to surgery to set her leg to cast it. They have been pumping morphine into her all night and she still is screaming and crying. She is so thirsty and screams for some juice but because they have to knock her out, she can't have anything. They say she will have a cast from the waist down for at least 6 to 8 weeks or more. We also won't know until morning whenever, if they will have to do surgery on her leg by putting pins in it. I'm so angry that these pathetic doctors would let this child lay for that many hours before they do anything to help her other than pumping morphine into her and it doesn't seem to help! They claim they have only one doctor working two hospitals for pediatrics! How sorry is that!? Her screams are about to break me! Please pray that God will send his angels to protect her and a decent doctor to help her when ever they decide to get around to it that really knows what he or she is doing to keep something happening to her like what happened to my husband. I'm just sick that that was the only place she could go to. So many horrible things have happened at that hospital! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers! I trust God more than these doctors!

Hugs Debi

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another TeaCup Stitches Blog GiveAway!

A Sweet Frances Brundage "Embellished Bottle Giveaway" by Lynn of Teacup Stitches!

She does it again and again! One of my favorite artists is
having another giveaway of her beautiful embellished bottles.
Lynn has taken a beautiful portrait from the artwork of the famous Frances Brundage as the
 highlight for this beautiful piece. It's been embellished with pretty millinery roses and blossoms,
a silvertone heart charm, a pink ribbon bow, faux pearls and of lots of rhinestone crystals! The
bottle measures 6-1/4" including the lucite and cork stopper. Wouldn't this be the sweetest piece
to display on your dresser, or bath shelf?! It definitely would make the perfect addition to your
shabby chic collection, or if you win it, a most precious gift for someone special. 

Don't miss out! This drawing ends on 8-29-10. You have 4 opportunities to win
this beauty, so get on over to Lynn's Blog Today and enter to win this Giveaway
from this very special Artisic Lady! While you're there, take some time to explore
her blog! It's beautiful and screams with so much talent!


TaTa for Now! Have a Great Day!


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