Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Hanky Surprise Contest - We Have A Winner!

The Correct Answer Was ..... Hanky Neck Scarf!
And the Winner is ... Carol at "Business In The Bag"
Carol is also a "Make Mine Pink Girl!"

Carol has won one of our vintage hanky scarf creations, and any one her heart desires! Let me know which one you choose Carol and I'll get it sent right out to you!  Thank you for participating!  I hope you will enjoy your gift!  I need your address too!

A special thanks to all who played in our "Vintage Hanky Surprise" contest.  Thank you all for your support and the fun!  It would have turned out perfect if I hadn't ended up in the darn hospital for three days, but it was only a delay on announcing our winner and posting the pictures. 

I have lots of pictures so this post will be picture long!
Our Vintage Hanky Neck Scarves are 63"L and a mix of several vintage hankies each.

These to This

These to This

These to This

These to This

These to This

This one the "Pinks" is full hankies sewn into a neck scarf.

The following photos are the girls modeling the scarves and all the ways they can be worn.

After Ms. Carol selects her hanky neck scarf the rest will be listed for sale at Cameo Kids Boutique
Hope you all enjoy our new creations. It was fun creating them!

A special thanks to my sweet beautiful adopted neighbor girls for modeling these for you.  Aren't they just the cutest kids!!??  Thanks Thea, and Leila....your so good to me! Hugs and Kisses!

TaTa for Now!


  1. OMGosh, how exciting to win.........but how is a girl to choose just one of these beautiful creations?????

    I've thought it over and decided on the Pinks. That was a tough decision.

    Thank you so much, Debi!

    Carol at Business in THE Bag

  2. Just beautiful and so creative. I Love your designs. Carol is one lucky lady!!

  3. Hi!,,I love, love, love this new idea. The scarves are gorgeous! Congratulations to Carol. Your work is amazing.
    (()) gail

  4. OMG These are 2DIE4. I have to get my grandaughter one of these. I have lots of hankies I make sachets with but I don't want to tackle these. I will leave that for you and your talent. These are gorgeous. Kath'


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