Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pink Violin

I just have to brag about my newest purchase from a lovely friend of mine at My European Touch on Etsy. Her name is Monika and she is a mosaic artist. She offer's a wide assortment of quality mosaic art made by carefully hand cutting mosaic tiles from vintage and new china plates. Her work is beautiful.

I found her when I came across a real violin that she had applied her mosaic craft to and I fell in love with it but didn't have the money to spend at the time. She now offers a layaway plan and will also do custom orders. The other day she emailed me to let me know about this sweet little piece she did. Although not mosaic, I just adored it. It was made with everything I love! It was pink, had pink pearls, is covered with vintage lace, gimp on the edges, and old vintage brooch with roses, beautiul pink roses, feathers, and a cameo! (I love and collect cameos). She also sent me a couple of glittered butteflies that I placed among the roses. It was also a violin but made out of wood, about 18" long, and I could afford it. It was just my cup of tea so I bought it right then and there. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?!  I laid this on an old vintage photo frame with the oval glass and all. I wished it would fit inside because it really looks great!  Don't mind my rug in the background though.


If you Love Mosaic, you must visit her at My European Touch or visit her blog here.
Tell her Debi from Cameo Kids Boutique sent you!


  1. Oh, Debi...I am just so flattered and thrilled that you like my art so much and blogged about this violin. What an honor, thank you, thank you.

    If I had little ones on lil legs they would be all dressed up in your beautiful dear.

  2. Monika is a wonderful mosaic artist and a sweetheart too!! I know she is so pleased that you love your purchase!

  3. I LOVE Monika's work. It is just so shabby!!

  4. Beautiful Just Beautiful!! And Monika is a lovely lovely woman :O)!!

  5. Very nice and Monika is very talented that is for sure.

  6. How lovely!! I love browsing through Monika's shop, it just feels like going back to a sweeter time. :)

  7. Absolutely lovely! It's wonderful of you to tell this story. Thank you for sharing.

  8. We love Monika! Her work is amazing.


  9. Monika's has lots more items just as wonderful as these! Nice post!

  10. We absolutely adore our Monika! she does such beautiful mosaic work. Love the one the special violin pictured above, what a treasure!



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