Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keeping It Green!

 Cameo Kids Boutique and MMP Cordially Invite You to Come Shop The Make Mine Pink Shopping Event On Friday, April 9th, 2010 "Keeping It Green"

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There are so many beautiful and creative ways to keep the earth clean. For me, reducing, reusing and recycling is much more than being environmentally friendly. It's creatively repurposing old, forgotten, and vintage items to create some of my favorite things.

I love to surround myself with rescued items that have been restored to look brand new. On my dining room table is a vintage cloth that had been buried in a box for too many years. Now it's crisp and fresh, and beautifully draped over my table. Old silver pieces, etched with time and polished to look like new, are displayed in my re-purposed china cabinet. Among them sit antique china pieces that I rescued from a flea market or auction. Their delicate rose patterns display proudly, instead of a layer of dust. The china cabinet itself was a great flea market find, worn and scratched, but repainted to match the rest of my decor.
All of these once-forgotten, now repurposed items have such stories to tell. An old needlepoint turned into a luxurious cushion that I keep on my bed whispers to me of the woman who stitched it so long ago. On the back of a pretty vintage postcard that I found in a thrift store is written a few words about a long-ago romance, now it's framed and hanging on my wall. I can't see the words, but knowing that they're there makes the postcard all the more beautiful to me.
There is nothing so small that it can't be recycled into a wonderful treasure. Even the tiniest scrap of lace can be reused to add a just-so touch and create something brand new out of repurposed items. I save scraps of colorful fabric, buttons of all shapes and sizes, bits of embellished paper, single earrings and abandoned jewels. You never know when these fragments will be just the right addition to a new creation.
Thinking green is a beautiful way to keep the earth clean. I love to find new ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle, and brighten up my little corner of the earth.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Please join us for shopping with a twist!........See You There!

Photo Contribution 1: Cameo Kids Boutique - Vintage Table Runner Little Girls Halter Top| Photo Contribution 2: Rose Blossom Cottage - Victorian Roses Broken China Pin Pendant| Photo Contribution 3: Noelle Garrett Designs - Vintage Wall Paper Journel

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