Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recycled Blue Jean Purse

She May Be Little, But She Is Darn Mighty!

Find this only at Cameo Kids Boutique! This was so fun creating! It's a purse, and or a pouch, with a thought to keeping safe as I'm shopping too.  Being that my ex was a cop, I was warned everytime I went out the door to pay attention to everything around me, and to keep my mind on my purse at all times!  Well I could understand him hounding me all the time because he cared and it's a cop thing they seem to do all the time, but geez louise, I wanted to slap him because I didn't needed to be reminded every single time! I was his wife for crying up a river, not his kids who did need to be remined time and time and again about things!  I can be a bit of a ditz when I'm lost in the business of shopping and I also know several people that have had their purses snatched from them too, so I always kept it in my mind all by myself! You had to love him though.

I love purses and hangbags and have a ton, but when I'm out shopping, I just hate having to deal with them.  Sometimes they are just so cumbersome!  As I was making this little bag, I was thinking of all the items I would want to have with me that one feels they just can't be with out, (you know how we girls are), and hoping I could fit everything I wanted into it.  As always, I love to add a touch of vintage to things I make too.

This was the end result and it covered everything I wanted in a purse if I had to carry one! I can wear it over my shoulder with the long straps, or carry it in the courier style. I can also tuck the long strap inside and wear it on my belt like a fanny pouch. Carrying it in the courier style or wearing it fanny pack style deterres the purse snatchers, so I covered the safety shopping deal and eliminates me setting it down and forgetting it somewhere too, its hands free! Even with the strap tucked inside with all the items I wanted to carry with me, there was still room for something more. It wasn't bulky at all either. And, if you wanted to, you could tuck the strap inside and put your finger through the belt loops on the back and carry it that way too. It’s very versatile and stylish. It has frayed edges, an inside pocket with velcro snap closure, vintage laces, fabric flowers, velcro snap closure outside, the Levi tag sewn into the left side, and it was a great way to utilize recycling of my DH old too small jeans!
I made one for me and one to share with you.  Your teens I'm sure would love having this too!  You can find this in our Cameo Kids Boutique: here 

Cameo Kids Boutique, A great shopping experiance for kids and moms!

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