Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gifts With Heart for Baby

  Cameo Kids offers a variety of unique and sweet gift items for babies.  If your looking for a gift with heart consider our vintage hanky dolls.  These can be custom ordered especially if you looking for a special gift with the baby's first initial embroidered on it.  These are wonderful items for a new baby gift, a baby's christening gift, or for a nice touch, add them in a new baby gift basket. 

If you don't find what you are looking for on the website, send us email with what you have in mind. We can create one for you with whatever initial you may need, and a color you prefer. It can have crocheted lace edges, a small dainty embroidered floral design, a plain white lacy hankie, or whatever your heart desires. We even a several styles we can make them in.  They'll can come with lace bonnets or a ribbon headband , ribbons, and a floral embellishment. With the purchase of our hanky dolls, we'll also send a card with telling the history of hanky dolls. It's a smashing idea and also a gift that can be passed on to your little girls own little girls one day.

Heirlooms for tomorrows baby, a gift that can always be remembered!

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