Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Memory Maker With Kids

Here's and idea we would like to share with you to help you create a special
moment and memory with your children or grandchildren. I have six
grandchildren who are the breath of my heart.  I love spending time with
them and creating moments and memories of us as often as possible. 
A few years back we were doing projects for the kids to give their parents
for Christmas gifts.  Handmade and homemade.  This one year we did this
little project on sweatshirts (will post that next Christmas), and after it was
done and over with, I was laying in bed one night and was trying to think of
another way to use our little idea. It was just so darn cute! 
Then wa-la an idea was in the making.

This was what I did and the kids and I had so much fun and once again,
we made a wonderful memory, plus a wonderful gift for their parents,
and a treasured keepsake which we called "The Footprints of my Heart".
My Little Ryan's Foot Print
My Sweet Taylors Foot Print
We took white fabric paint and painted the bottom of the kids feet
(boy was that a trip), and then placed their foot on the wood plaques we
bought at Micheals Craft store.  Once they dried I made bunnies out of their
foot prints.  I painted cute little faces, added bunny ears, and made the toes
into easter eggs. On my granddaughters we added a white ribbon bow on
the bunny ears with white satin ribbon that had pink, blue, green, and yellow
polka dots.  We then sponged with pink for hers and blue for my grandsons
around the edge of the wood plaque.  To have them hang, we added metal hangers
on the back and strung it up with wide satin ribbons.  (Taylors wasn't totally
finished yet in this picture).  One of the best watching the children just
beam with pride with the gift they have created when they present their parents
with their presents. These were for Easter that year and yea I know it's a little
late this year, but I just started this blog!  It doesn't have to be Easter to do these,
but if you want to do it for Easter....Next year will be here in a blink of the eye!

These are the things that us moms love so much to hold on to, 
when these footprints have grown and take that walk out
our door to a life of their own.
 Now Get to Making Those Memories!

Celebrating the Little Hands that Hold Our Hearts
and the Memories We Make With Them!

TATA for Now!


  1. Debi

    These are adorable, what a fun idea.

  2. Thank you Lisa. I had so much fun with the kids making them. I truly love these moments the most in life. I think I love my grandkids way to much if that is possible and being with them as much as I can.

  3. OMG Debi, you are so talented...I wish I had grand kids... ;o)
    Blessings, Monika


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