Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage Lives On - A Grow With Me Pillowcase Dress

The Look ~ The Design ~ It's Just Divine!
(Sounds Like Divine Design on HGTV lol!)

The beauty of vintage linens just comes alive when transformed or recycled into beautiful heirloom dresses and pantaloons for little girls. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the hand work of women years and years ago into something so sweet, to again cherish it's beauty in a new form and a promise of new life.  It simply amazes me everytime no matter how many hundrends of these I've made, just how cute and precious each one becomes. I'm just ticklely gigglely all over again. This old vintage pillowcase matched with an old vintage chenilled bedspread is now all of that and more. This darling set is on it's way to a little girl who hasn't even had her first breath of life yet, and will be her first gift from mommy and daddy to welcome her to this world. This will be an heirloom for sure with the hope of a little girl of hers also wearing it again some day! I just get goosey bumps thinking of it!

Size 6M

I so love the bluebird ones!

This embroidery is just perfect, every single stitch! It's just too Sweeeeeeet!

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little One's and Mommies in Mind, by Creating and Making Vintage Beautiful and Useful Again!

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