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Creating With Vintage Chenille

I love love vintage chenille bedspreads and have collected two closets plus just jammed packed full of them. Normally I find them to use in my children's clothing creations but several have made it to the pile of "I just can't cut these." My husband laughs as that pile seems to be getting larger and larger, but once I get them in the mail as I buy many from the internet, they end up being much more beautiful than the pictures I saw and in perfect shape. I have four antique full size beds and they fit perfect so I really do use them. There are a few twin size ones that don't fit and I probably will never use them, but I just can't bare to cut them up, at least not at the moment. I remember as a  child having chenille bedspreads used on my bed and I just hated them. All my little girlfriends had fancy frilly ones so I thought mine were more like a grandmother's because my grandmother used them too.

Oh but now .... I think they are gorgeous! A bit of growing up and maturing has helped that i'm sure, but I also have a passion for things from the old days especially the beautiful linens of yesterday.

I have used chenille in many creations from clothing for children, to stuffed animals, and gift items for moms.  I love the designs and textures of chenille and the uniqueness of the creations I make with them. I have even researched the history of how chenille bedspreads were made as I'm always so curious, and found it a fascinating story which I will share another day.

Below are some of my creations, some with a little chenille, some with alot, and of course several different types and colors. My Very Very favorite chenille is called "squiggly chenille" which I use alot for my vintage chenille pantaloons, and if ordered with our peasant style pillowcase dress, the sleeves are done in that too. It's very hard to find, but every once in a while I get lucky. I always try to use every inch of my chenilles as I hate to waste any of it. Some of these items are available at our Cameo Kids Boutique, and some are no longer available. You are always welcome to ask if we can recreate something you might have a fancy to if it is no longer available. We do custom orders all the time!

This is available here: Vintage Chenille Bunny Jumper 18M.
This sweet set was handmade by another designer and offered to you at Cameo Kids.
Perfect for Easter or anytime!

This is available here: Holly Berry N Chenille Dress 6M - 9M. Perfect for Christmas! Add a little turtle neck long sleeve or short sleeve top!

Vintage Chenille Top and Pantaloons (Sold Out) Love how the flowers fit right over the little hiney.

This is available here: Vintage Chenille Baby Romper
This was created using a vintage pattern and vintage bates chenille. Lots of work went into this sweetie. Back in the early 70's, my daughter had a romper very similar to this one. And it was in pink but not chenille. Wish I had kept that! This one is truly beautiful in person and the pink is gorgeous! There is a little chenille bunny sitting there by the flowers too.

This was so adorable! The little satin flower rose buds in the collar just set it off! (Sold)

18M - 24M
Vintage chenille collar, sleeve and pant cuffs, and chenille fringe trim. The jacket is made from a designer quilted Moda fabric. It's gorgeous and kinda holiday festive too!

Our peasant style pillowcase dress creations with chenille pantaloons and chenille sleeves. Both are sold, but any of our vintage pillowcases can be made in this style. Our vintage pillowcases are displayed for you to pick the vintage pillowcase you like and then we'll custom make a dress for you. If you like the peasant style, email us with your interest in that style and we'll set up a custom purchase for you. Our peasant style vintage pillowcase dresses are $49.95. Does not include the pantaloons. The prices on the website on each pillowcase is for the original style pillowcase dress that ties with ribbons on the shoulders. You can find all our vintage pillowcases here:, we have some real beauties!

These are available for custom orders and sizes here: Yellow Vintage Chenille Big Pops Capri's Toddlers or 

These are availale here: Vintage Squiggly Chenille Diaper Cover. These are availale in Pink shown, yellow, white, and two shades of blue.

These are available here: Pink Popcorn Vintage Chenille Pantaloons. Sizes available in our pantaloons is 6M to 3/4T. Super cute by themselves with just a diaper, or even sweeter under a dress. Looks adorable worn with a onesie too! Great for those precious photos!

For Sqiggly Chenille Pantaloons in sizes 6M, 9M, and 12M. Available here for 18M, 24/2T, 3T/4T . The title says white but there are other color options to choose from like pink, yellow, and two shades of blue. This is a 6M size and paired with a sweet onesie that I hand embroidered a rose bud heart with childs initial in it's center.

If interested in the embroidered onesie and pantaloons with color options too, go here. Sizes available are 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, and 24M.

The yellow squiggly chenille, such a beautiful yellow!

These are lavender sachets with embroidered linen tops and vintage chenille backs in white and pink chenille's. They are available here: Linen and Chenille Lavender Sachets. These make wonderful drawer sachets for scenting your clothing, great in gift baskets, and an all around sweet gift idea!

We even have candy rolls and candy balls for lavender sachets with vintage chenilles and sweet floral fabrics! You can find them here: Candy Lavender Sachets Quanity 7 in each order. Pretty in gift baskets and lovely in a pretty glass bowl, even better if it's vintage.

These are our "Fancy Vintage Victorian Style" Lavender sachets with satin fronts and vintage chenille backs. Each are adorned with sweet embellishments. These were all created from patterns I made from my huge cookie cutter collection. Aren't they sweet!? You can find these here:

And then we have our stuffed animals!
Gertie the Goat with vintage chenille head, arms, and legs. ~ You can find her here: Gertie the Goat. Chenille and designer fabric.

Lilly the Lamb is here. Chenile and designer rose floral fabric.

Milford the Monkey is here. Chenille and gingham flannel.

Rasberry Rabbit is here. Chenille and rose bud fabric.

 and last is our Hoot family
Scrappy the Owl Pillow (small) - Cute on the bed and soft and hugable at sleep time,
 or Little Pink Hoo and Blue Hoo Pocket Pals, they fit right in your child's pocket for on the go fun!
These can also be made as lavender sachets for fun gifts. Chenille's and sweet old and new fabrics.

We'll have many more chenille creations coming soon!

Hugs and Stuff

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little One's and Mommies in Mind, by Creating and Making Vintage Beautiful and Useful Again!

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