Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Inspired Baby Onesie - Altered Couture

A Sweet Tea Stained Vintage Inspired Altered Baby Onesie

It's been a long long time since I've made one of these, about 3 years as a matter of fact. Boy time flies! I've been wanting to make more of these for months now but I have been so busy with custom orders all summer, actually the rush started at the end of last December, so I haven't been able to do any new creations for a long while. The other night I just couldn't sleep. My mind was on all the tons of things I have been wanting to make and ideas were just flooding my mind. I hate that when I can't shut my mind off because it normally means I will be up and down all night long, and then the next day I don't get anything accomplished because I'm whipped! Well this was one of those nights so I decided that if I couldn't sleep...I was going to create something. I have a ton of baby onesies along with a huge collection of vintage images that have just been waiting to become something. They have been on my mind for weeks now so thats what I decided to make. I went downstairs to put on a batch of tea then trotted back up the stairs to my sewing cave with this vision I had and set out to find all the items I would need to bring it to life. Well like always this little creation turned out entirely different from what I had first imaged it to be. Once I start the process of making something, it just takes its own course just like it already knows how it supposed to be when finished, so I just follow along to do the work and give it life. That's always the best part of sitting down to make something. I never really know what it will end up looking like when it's done. It's always an adventure! It most always ends up much better than I had planned too. Well this little sweetie was an all night until about 7:30AM project. I kept changing this and that until it was done and I was so excited with the finished product that I had to go wake up my hubby so he could see it. He just loves me when I do that. NOT! But, he is always so sweet about it. Well at least it got this nagging desire out of my system so I can get back to my orders and concentrate on them. It also made another day of dragging my fanny and not accomplishing much at all. But it is really cute!

The onesie was tea dyed, along with a vintage lace doily, a piece of a vintage lace tablecloth, and a strip of vintage feedsack fabric. Some vintage buttons, black satin ribbon for bows, and a tiny rose ribbon rose flower were added for embellishments and a sprinkle of pop. Then I added this darling vintage image transfer of the cutest little girls, one of my favorites. Lastly I got out my fabric paint and letter stamps. Several hours later and yawnng my tail off because once I start something unless my head hits the table, I can't stop until it's done, my nagging creative mind finally let me sleep. But, I have something new to offer in the boutique which has been sadly ignored all summer long. The second good thing is I needed to get out of my system creating something different. I still am trying to finish up the last few of the custom orders. I love them, but I miss being able to design or create something I haven't made in a long time or something altogether new. 

Well here is the little devil that was just determined to be no matter what time of night it was!
She is for Size 6M-9M - One of a Kind Original only at Cameo Kids Boutique

Isn't she just the cutest?! I guess she was worth the sleepless night.

She is really so much more adorable in real life!

Hoping to have more coming soon! I have lots and lots of ideas
 for some real cuties and a ton of other stuff too! I can't wait! :)

Now before I have another dragging fanny day.....Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!
Have a great weekend!

Hugs and Stuff!

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