Friday, September 3, 2010

OMGosh I LOVE This!

Found this article in my October Romantic Homes Magazine about this New York designer who marries literature and history with home decor creating unique hand-printed home furnishings. I visited his website which is called the Old Village Hall and look at this fabulous piece!

This is called the "Shipping Settee". His work is beautiful and I so love the history in all his creations!

Here's a couple of other things he has on the site

This is called the "Dirty Little Story Wingchair". Isn't this stuff so cool!?
His fabrics are gorgeous and so unique! I could see this stuff in my hubby's Library!

This is called the "Scalping Rocking Chair". A close up of the fabric below.

This pillow is called "Ravel and Nijinsky Pillow Cover"

 This one is called the "Poe Pillow"

This is called the "Delaration Pillow on Yellow", Toile

And cool totes too! This is called "Large Red Schoolboy Tote".
You should make a trip to see the website, link above. You should
also get the magazine to see more of his work and the story if you
like this kind of stuff. I love it! And theres more in store on your visit!
Wish I could visit the shop in New York!

A short about him:  Old Village Hall is the vision of Scott Hill of New York. Scott has always been inspired by the look of history. His lifetime love of collecting books and historic artifacts has propelled him down the dusty trail in search of interesting and esoteric shops and individuals where he finds the raw material he uses to create the furniture and objects one finds at Old Village Hall. The American experience is rich in singularly inspirational viewpoints and expressive graphic remains. This is where Scott finds the rich, complex and beautiful graphic material from which to cull and assemble his work. As American experience changes before our eyes it remains important to honor the traditions of those who came before us, while also innovating new forms and ideas for those now and those to come. Traditional furniture and interior design can be approached in untraditional, novel and exotic ways by which a home or interior can be created for fun, for optimism, for mystery, for ambience, for memory.

Each fabric is hand picked and hand printed by Scott Hill. Fabrics are all natural and inks are water based and non toxic.

Photo's courtesy of Old Vintage Hall

TATa for Now!
Hugs and Stuff


  1. Hi Debi!
    I have been catching up on your posts and enjoying your music mix also!
    I'm so happy for you having such a good year of selling your darling creations! You are a designer extraordinare and how wonderful that so many kiddos are dressed in their heirlooms to be!

    Mr Scott Hill certainly has a whimsical sense of style and I just love it! How unique and original! Must get my October RH asap to see more.
    I enjoyed my visit today Debi - keep up the good work!!
    Hugs and Smiles,
    P.S. I saw my pillow stuffing in the cloud pics :-) Your hubby is a sweetie!!

  2. Hi Ms. Lori! :)

    So happy to see you again! I sooo wish I could get my hands on that settee! This stuff is truly wonderful!Hope your doing well!


  3. Lynn!!!!! I'm so honored for your visit! You made my day that you enjoyed your visit here. Thank you for your sweet post and the compliments on my work. That means alot coming from you! :)

    As far as Mr. Hill, if I ever get back to New York, his shop is first on my list!

    I have no doubt you would see pillow stuffing in those clouds with all the gorgeous pillows you create. As I was writing the post and looking at the pictures, I saw that too acutally more than chenille. :)

    And, yes he is a sweetie! He is the ultimate when it comes to men and in more ways than I can count. I am very blessed!

    Thank you again for your visit! That means the world to me! :) Have a beautiful day!



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