Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're In Romantic Homes August, 2010 Issue!

We had our first ever ad appear in the August,
2010 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine!
It hit the stands the end of June

You can find our little ad in the back of the magazine
listed in the "Pink Pages". It's just a small advertisement
but it was big to us!

The funny thing was, was they emailed me to see if we would
 be interested in having our ad in their magazine. I was shocked
and excited. No one had ever asked us that before, not from a
national magazine! They were offering a large discount, so I
thought ok, lets give the waters a test and see what happens. I
was told  that the issue would be out on the 29th of June, so
I was patiently waiting for it to hit the stands just dying to see
me in the magazine, a magazine that I have bought and loved for

Well on Friday the 25th I received a call from a women wanting to
know if I had a catalog. I told her no, but have wanted to but just
 haven't had the time as I'm so busy with sewing custom orders
most of the time. She then asked what did I do, which I thought
that was a bit strange as she just asked for a catalog! So I explained
to her what I did. She then told me she was looking for a shoulder
sling bag and explained the type of fabric she would like one in. I told
her that I could look for some fabrics and if she gave me her email, I
would send her some photos for her to choose from. She says "I don't
have a computer. Everybody thinks everybody has a computer. Lots
of businesses surely must lose alot of business from people who don't
have computers." I agreed, but was  curious that if she didn't have a
computer, how did she find me or my phone number to call me!?
When I asked how she found me she says,  "in the magazine"!, like I
should have known that. I was so surprised that I said, "are you
serious?!!" She must have thought I was nuts! I then explained to her
that this was my first ad, and the magazine had told me it was coming
out on the 29th of June. I told her I had no idea it was out and that
was why I was so surprised and excited. She said "I just picked it up
today". I got a sale from her, but I still wonder why she would call
me looking for a purse when the ad is for children's clothing and
accessories! Well, it doesn't matter. The day it was out on the stands
I got my first call, and an order to boot! I also figured out that must
be why I had recieved 3 orders earlier that day one after the other,
as that is a little unusual! They have been coming in ever since!
Isn't that exciting?! Those sales have paid for my ad and I have already
 made a profit too! The first day! The ad is working! We're Happy! Yippee!

Thanks Romantic Homes for the opportunity!


  1. How exciting, Debi - all those sales from your VERY first ad! WOW - that is fabulous - I am so happy for you! Hope you are beginning to catch up on the sewing. Pray for you & DH often.
    Mary Patterson

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting, so glad to see you here! :) I was so surprised with such a response so early after the magazine hit the stand and now a bit nervous lol. No, I'm not getting caught up either. I will be sewing non stop for at least two weeks if not more to get everything done that I have now!

    Thank you for thinking about my DH and me, and thank you so much for your prayers. That's the greatest gift we could hope to receive. It's comforting to know that someone cares. Thank you again. You put a smile in my day. :) Come back and visit again! Hugs! Debi


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