Friday, July 16, 2010

Announcing Our Pillowcase Dress Giveaway #1 Winner

We Have A Winner!

First a special thank you to all our sweet friends old and new for entering! {{{Hugs}}}!
I wish I could say you all won but sadly there could only be one winner. Thank you also for all the lovely compliments and kind words that you left. My heart was warmed and I was very humbled.

We will be doing another giveaway soon for another pretty creation for another lucky winner. I have some custom orders to complete first, and then I'll let you all know what it will be.

Okay this is it! This is where you all started in this bowl...
I mixed it all up and let my sweetie have the honors of drawing the lucky winner! (So it's his fault if you didn't win, there is a method to my madness) :)

Here we go.............
And the WINNER IS?!?!?!...............

Congratulations goes to LAnderson
of Southern Stitches!!!!
(Please email me with your address at and we'll get this in the mail to you right away! :) Congrats! Thank you for entering!
I hope you will be pleased.

Thanks again to everyone that partisipated! I really appreciate all of you and thanks for making this fun!

TaTa for Now and we'll see you at the next giveaway soon!

Hugs and Stuff!

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little Ones and Mommies in Mind!

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  1. Thank you sooooo much! I feel very honored to have won one of your beautiful vintage creations!


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