Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby's Breath Handmades - Baby Accessories, Photography Props, and Gift Ideas

Sharing some more handmade baby sweets!

I just love baby sweets and one of my favorites is the
darling little crocheted hats and headbands with big flowers. I came
across another Etsy shop who carries just that! These are
just perfect for special occasions or those memorable keepsake photos.

I think this is my total favorite! Yep it is! Yep, Yep, Yep! I want one!

I love this cream and pink hat. The flowers come on alligator clips too.

 This baby is just so cute! (Baby not for sale though!)

And this! just dang adorable!

Their Hats, Your Precious Baby, A Great Photographer, PRICELESS!

Baby's Breath Handmades is owned by two sisters, Omayra and Joyce, who are
stay at home moms. They both have a passion for crafting and sewing. They're also
happy to custom make any item for you. Look what else you can find at
Baby's Breath Handmades!

The Baby Strappy. Just attach one end to babies bottle, sippy, or toy
and the other end to stroller, high-char, or shopping cart.

My favorite of these!

But I do love these too!

Assorted Baby Wipe Cases with matching Burp Cloths in assorted fabric prints.

Adorable Themed Diaper Cakes!

Newborn Hammock - Photography Prop

Lacy Mohair Newborn Wrap - Photography Prop

Newborn Egg Pod - Photography Prop

Baby Cocoon - Photography Prop
(ATTENTION All You Photographers!!!!)
P.S. Replace teddies with your baby.  :) (Teddies aren't included though.)

And last but not least ... This beautiful crocheted blanket! Love these colors! I want one!

You really must visit their shop. They really do have some very beautiful
products that are unique and one of a kind! These all would make perfect
gifts for a new baby gift too.

Visit them at their Etsy Shop
You can also find them at their eBay store here!

It's always a pleasure to share some of the worlds
creative minds, hands,
and hearts with you.
Thanks for coming along and for visiting!

TaTa for Now!

We're Sharing Small Windows of the World and Making Friends Too!

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