Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is That Ok Once In a While?

Whining and Bragging!

It's been a real busy few solid months with sewing custom orders and meeting deadlines. Haven't had much time for anything else. Other than a small break somewhere in my day or night just because I need a few minuets break, or helping hubby with his needs, or to take hubby to rehab for his stroke, or the doctors for checkups, or to the store to keep some food in the house, runs to the post office to mail off orders and runs to the fabric store for something I need, and then errands that need to be done, this is life lately in a nutshell!

The summer is flashing by and I haven't even seen it! I can go 3 or 4 days without getting dressed, (ewwww that doesn't sound pretty lol), so glad the world doesn't see me somedays! I get about four hours asleep a day, missing meals because when I eat I get tired and I can't afford tired right now! My house needs a major cleaning, my laundry is stacking up to get put away but at least it got washed, no time for the lawn work so I have the neighbor boy doing that for me at least till I can find time to do it myself again, and on top of all that we have been informed we are going to have to move, so now every time I turn around there are people coming in and out of my home most of the time with only an hours notice! Then its stop everything I'm doing no matter how important it is and do a fast pick up clean up so the house can be shown. The home we have rented for the last three and a half years is up for a quick sale! If it doesn't sell in whatever time, which we haven't been informed of yet, the bank will foreclose on the owner! Now that means I need to try and find a place to live, pack up by myself a 4 bedroom house full to the brim, and a one bedroom guest house that is full, along with a 3 car garage that is slammed packed, continue working, and do all the other stuff I just mentioned. I'm an expert at STRESSED OUT! And that isn't even the half of it all! Oh dear Lord, help me keep a good mind and give me strength!

But then along comes a day like today that makes it all worth while at least for a moment of time anyway. The time and effort of working a business, working it hard and getting to do what you love. This place where I get to escape all the awful in life and lose myself in creating even if that gets busy and hectic and non stop for days, it can still be a blessing for my mind and sanity. My customers bless their hearts, without even knowing it are my saviors that give me that punch to keep carrying on. Today I received several emails from customers who had just received their packages. Their comments lifted my spirit and put a dance in my step. It also gave me some energy that I was sorely needing. It's always so nice when they take the time to let you know they received their items as I always worry about that, but its even nicer to know they love what they purchase. I always worry about that also! Geez, I sound like a worrying ninny! Well maybe so, but my work is one place in my life that I give all I have to make sure or hopefully anyway, that every customer will be totally happy and satisfied with what they have entrusted me to do for them. I want every dime they spend with me to be worth every penny and no regrets. That's the name of the game isn't it? I have been so fortunate so far, that in the nine or so years of doing this business that I have made my customers happy they chose Cameo Kids to shop with. Today was a good day with so many kind words and appreciation and I got to feel good. I needed that! I have the best customers in the whole wide world!

But that wasn't all I got today! Well actually this email came last month and as I was deleting six thousand emails that had built up as I haven't had time to pay attention to more than what was really important, I almost deleted this one special note. What kept me from doing the delete was that little box that pops up requesting a read receipt for the email. When I first saw it I thought "Oh it's just another junk mail advertisement because it was from someone at a place called "Carol Ross Photography". Well I get tons of junk mail from photograpy places, like learning photograpy, or people advertising what they do, i'm sure you do too, but for some reason this time who knows why I decided to take a look. Always afraid of doing that when I don't know who it is because I have gotten viruses by doing that before, so I always try to be very careful. Well anyway I'm so glad I did look at it!

I don't know how many of you saw the post I did back in June of my visit to Posh on Palm. Well this was an email in regards to that post. They had titled the email with "What a nice Gift". I think that was what peaked my curiosity to the email too. This is what this sweet women wrote me, but there is even more I found out! :)

"Hi Debi,

I just had to let you know that you gave me a wonderful gift by adding to your Cameo Kids Boutique blog the wonderful guided tour of Posh on Palm. Your images were wonderful and your descriptions were great. And how nice that your sweet Mr. wasn't outside pacing the street looking at his watch like most other Mr.'s would be. He deserved that wonderful meal.

Once again thank you for sharing, it was a wonderful treat.

with best
(Her Signature was here)

Carol Ross Photography, Inc.
205 Leeds Ct. New Hope PA 18938
Office 215.862.8205 Fax 215.862.8207
Professional Photographers of America
Women's Business Enterprise Council"

I was just flabbergasted! I just thought that was so nice, but then I immediatley felt so bad because I hadn't thanked her for such a nice note, but I didn't know I had it until today, and then almost deleted it. Isn't that just the nicest thing!?  Well I had never heard of this photography company before or Professional Photographers of America, or Women's Business Enterprise Council, or Carol Ross! So the next thing I did was click on the website link to Carol Ross Photography to find out who she was. I was shocked to learn about her and even more surprised when I saw her work! I don't know where she came from or how she found my blog, but I was overwhelmed with joy that this women loved the Posh on Palm post, that she loved my pictures and the descriptions, thought my Mr. was something kind of Unique, which he really is, and enjoyed her visit to my story of that day. The reason that I am being so off the chart excited about her note is after visiting her site and discovering who she is and what she has done and all that she has been involved with, this women is over the top as a professional and artist! And she liked my story and pictures! I was just overwhelmed by her compliments. She does the most beautiful photography! I just have to do a little copy paste here to show you what I mean.

{Carol Ross is a mother, grandmother!, and photographer who lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one of the most scenic and romantic places on the East Coast. Her photography reflects the union of traditional elegance and American casual that define this community and her lifestyle. Her romantic, vintage-inspired photography is unabashedly pretty and makes her work sought after by brides-to-be and well-wishers who send her premium cards to their special friends and loved ones.

Carol’s work has been published in newspapers, commercial brochures, and books, licensed to some of the largest publishers in the world, as well as her own greeting card line.

The gentle, inspiring images of Carol Ross Photography are carried on greeting cards in hundreds of stores, including Barnes & Noble, Bloomingdales, and Borders and has quietly gained a large following in the last several years. Carol’s distinctive calm vision has special appeal in these uncertain times.}
Told ya she was somebody special! These photos are just some of her work that I just love, but there are so many more, and they can be purchased on her website with the option of having them made into greeting cards, note cards, or matted images for framing in various sizes. Her work is stunning and I so hope you will take a moment when you have the time to visit her website. For you that are lucky enough to live in New Hope, PA. or the surrounding area, and planning a wedding she does fabulous work. I am so thrilled for her visit here and her email, but most of all I'm thrilled to have discovered her and her works of art! Sure wish I could tag along just one day with her as I love the beauty of the things she sees through her eyes and how she captures that perfect moment, that perfect picture. 
Thank you so much Carol for visiting here. You left quite a mark on me with the beauty you see in life and things. Thank you so very much for the lovely email and your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to Posh on Palm with us too!  Hugs! It has been so nice to meet you!
Now just a little preview of her work so you will go visit her at Carol Ross Photography to discover some things you just can't live without or to schedule your wedding memories by this wonderful artist!
See I told you some days are just so good, and simply filled with warm fuzzy feelings no matter what the rest of life is like! A good day!

Aren't these fab!? Her pictures just give such a calming, peacefull, relaxing, and warm feeling with so much beauty. There is so many more that I love but I needed to leave you with some mystery to go visit and how could you not purchase something!? I know I got a bit carried away, but I just couldn't make up my mind with just a few pictures! I'm thinking I should just plaster my walls with these. They'll help me relax and take me to places of comfort. Don't you think so too!?
Just beautiful and as much fun exploring as Posh on Palm was! :)

TaTa for Now and have a Wonderful Day!

Photos Courtesy of Carol Ross Photography

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