Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hand Embroidered Lavender Sachet Door Hangers - A Very Special Gift

A Sweet Daughter's Gift

I received an email from a young lady here in the South who was looking for a special gift for her parents. Her parents live in Prattsburgh, New York and own a 1890's Victorian Country Bed and Breakfast, called Feather Tick & Thyme, a home in its own fertile valley on a quiet picturesque country road within minutes of several Finger Lakes attractions. The Bed and Breakfast/Inn is located in the heart of the New York State Finger Lakes Wine Country between Keuka Lake and Canandaigua Lake. That hot air balloon in the picture is there to actually give rides! There is a much better picture at their website..the link is above.

It seems this darling place is quite famous and in 1996 it was a Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Contest finalist for Country Victorian and given an honorable mention. It is truly very beautiful!
This young girl had seen some of the personalized hanging lavender sachets I had made on our website and wanted to know if I could make some of these for her parents for their bed and breakfast. When she would visit her parents there, she said her mother would send her up to the rooms for one reason or another and she would always have trouble figuring out which room she was supposed to be going up to, so her idea was to have these lavender sachets made to hang on the door with each one in the name of the rooms. She gave me the website to the bed and breakfast and we discussed colors to use to do the embroidery. After visiting the website and seeing the rooms myself from the photos, I came up with an idea to try to make each sachet coordinate with the room itself.  
These were the finished result to the creations. I was happy to hear that her parents absolutely loved them. I was honored to do this for her and for such a wonderful place. I hope one day my husband and I can travel there ourselves for a visit. We love anything old especially bed and breakfast inns, and even more so when it has a history to it too!

Each name on the sachets is the name of the guest rooms at the bed and breakfast. On the website I was excited to see, that when you click on their link for the "Guest Rooms", you can see one of the sachets hanging on the open door when they photographed the room recently. It's the J. G. Sturdevant Guest Room. I believe if I remember right, this J.G. Sturdevant was the man who originally built and owned the home. 

These didn't come out to bad considering I haven't been embroidering very long and I taught myself how to hand embroider just by studing the stitches from my huge collection of vintage embroidered linens.

We're Creating Little Works of Heart!

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