Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Sweet Vintage and Antique Finds

I Found a New Antique Shop!
It's Just to Die For Fabulous!

On the way home from an appointment the other day I finally stopped at this antique shop I have passed by a bazillion times! I had my camera even! This is one of the greatest antiques shops I have ever seen! I took a few pictures but then the battery on the darn camera died! I'm going back as soon as I can and I'll share with you this awsome place just packed with thousands of treasures. I can't believe its taken me so long to stop in. You will love it!

After only two and half rooms as this is in an old house, I couldn't stand it anymore. I went to the two ladies working that day, and said "you all need to do more than just this store. You need to expand your window of opportunity to more than just the people who drive by here, because you have some gorgeous treasures here, and I know hundreds of people who would love to buy this stuff!" We had a little chat which got them excited. I then gave them a few places they could get started real easy on the internet. We're going to get together so I can show them this whole new world to explore for sales for themselves and treasures for you and me. I almost hate sharing them though lol. I can't wait to be able to get back there myself. I think I might need a loan because there was tons of stuff I would love to have! And they had some of the most amazing vintage toys, many of which brought back memories for me. Ewww, not so sure that is a good thing. That's telling my age when they now consider toys of my day antiques! Think I'll also need a bigger house to boot! I really need to stop going to these places! They will be great though for decorating the grandkids rooms with. 

This is some of the treasures I did purchase.

I got five beautiful vintage hand crocheted lace doilies

One vintage hanger with a boy on it that I had to talk the lady into selling me lol

Two beautiful beautiful vintage 1940's christening dresses that are mint with one having a jacket, hat, slip, and the dress, the other was a dress with slip

A little wicker chair for my hanky dolls

A mint condition large vintage sugar feedsack

Two beautiful photos of vintage women in scrolly tin like frames

And, two pairs of vintage baby shoes, one pair being 1800's brown high tops with buttons up the side, and in really pretty good shape for the age. The white ones are a bit beat up but they reminded me of a pair something like my daughter had when she was little. 

I spent $129.00 with the little brown shoes costing the most., but not near as much as I have seen on the net or other shops, so it was a great buy! I have always wanted a pair of them for my antique bedroom. Here is just a couple of pics of the treasures I now call mine. I'll blog more another time about this great shop with lots of pictures too! They have tons of everything you could think of, and it made me think of so many of you!

When I get some time I'll do more photo's of the dresses.
You won't believe how beautiful they are. I will be listing them
 on the website for purchase also! (When I get some more time!)

I can't wait to go back!

These are so much prettier than this picture shows

This feedsack is huge! I think this will become a pillow!

Aren't these just too precious!? These are my favorite of all! Well maybe!

Now I really really really need to get back to work!

It Was Fun! I needed a break from sewing so bad, but now I'm good!
I so miss having time for this!

TaTa for Now! Hope your weekend it sweet!


  1. Hello Debi, I can see how your heart would swell just looking at these items. The little shoes are so makes you wonder who wore them? who owned them? That person may be very old now or even gone on to Glory. Yet their little shoes live on. They have a story of their own to tell. Very special. God Bless you.

  2. Welcome Crystal Mary! Lovely to meet you! So glad for your visit. That's the one sad thing I feel when I find these vintage treasures is the not knowing the story behind them. The who, where, and when. I so love learning anything I can about the vintage and antique purchases I make. I just eat up the history behind them. I wondered that about the dresses too and almost felt sad that the family of the child that wore these items still don't own them. What heirlooms they could have been for them. It's really sad in a way, but I'm so glad I own them now. :)

    Thank you for your visit! Hope you'll visit again!

    Blessings to you!

  3. What a great store to find. My hubby would probably kill me if I started collecting another type of stuff, LOL. Thank you for following me. PS - that is great that you talked to those ladies, so many people just don't have a clue about using the internet to their advantage.

  4. This is my first time to visit your blog and I actually like it. I have a knack in searching for blogs related to Tummy Tankz.


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