Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please Pray for my Little Emma

Please pray for my little granddaughter Emma who is two. Last evening about 6PM her (femur) thigh bone was broken right in half. They had no orthopedic surgeon in Bartow, FL. or Lakeland, FL. so they sent her by ambulance an hour away to Tampa General and wouldn't even let her parents ride with her in the name of liability. Tampa General is the same hospital that dang near killed my husband two years ago and because of that his life is a mess now and who knows if he will ever recover. I'm terrified for my little Emma there. They say they will take her who knows when maybe by 9:30 this morning to surgery to set her leg to cast it. They have been pumping morphine into her all night and she still is screaming and crying. She is so thirsty and screams for some juice but because they have to knock her out, she can't have anything. They say she will have a cast from the waist down for at least 6 to 8 weeks or more. We also won't know until morning whenever, if they will have to do surgery on her leg by putting pins in it. I'm so angry that these pathetic doctors would let this child lay for that many hours before they do anything to help her other than pumping morphine into her and it doesn't seem to help! They claim they have only one doctor working two hospitals for pediatrics! How sorry is that!? Her screams are about to break me! Please pray that God will send his angels to protect her and a decent doctor to help her when ever they decide to get around to it that really knows what he or she is doing to keep something happening to her like what happened to my husband. I'm just sick that that was the only place she could go to. So many horrible things have happened at that hospital! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers! I trust God more than these doctors!

Hugs Debi

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  1. Debi,

    I am so sorry that this happenned. I really pray that Emma will recuperate in not time and with no problems.

    Hugs and encouragement!



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