Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I Have Been Doing All Summer - Sewing Sewing Sewing!

Busy Busy Summer at the Boutique and Homefront!

This has truly been the busiest time in Cameo Kids History! I have had so many custom orders this summer and I'm still sewing. A few more to go and then I'm taking a break! I've been trying to get a new website for Cameo Kids, but have had so little time to finalize everything so who knows when that will be finished. I have tons of stuff to photo and get up on the boutique that should have been up months ago! I also have new ideas to create to sell too. I wish I didn't have to sleep, it just gets in the way of my time lol. I haven't been able to blog much and have so much to share with you. My facebook and tweeting has been minimal too. There is just so much to do and keep up with in a day and there is only just little ol me, and that's just in work. Then there is home and hubby! My family I haven't seen much at all and that makes me sad. The summer is over and they are back in school and time is just flying by!

My husband and I are also having to look for a place to live as the house we have rented for over three years now is up for a short sale. The economy has hit hard the owner of the home as he is in the home industry. He has already lost two homes. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a recent bid on the house will be accepted by the bank because they want us to stay. We want to stay until we are ready to move. If my husbands company sells by December like their hoping for, we have found some beautiful property on a lake to build a house there hopefully by the start of the year. There are just so many things going on in our lives right now it's just unbelieveably crazy and nerve wracking but some things being exciting all at the same time!

This is a little bit of what I've been sewing all summer.

made a second set like this one

sold this but had taken the hankie apron part off so had to finish the alter on this

made another of these from the second case for an older child's top

sold this the only thing I didn't have to make, was already to ship Yea!

for a baptism - white cotton eyelet with the whole set lined

for a wedding - ivory batiste with ivory lace and lining

another wedding - ivory linen polyester and ivory lace

third wedding - white linen polyester and white lace - this style seemed real popular this summer

vintage pillowcase with pink cotton pantaloons

two vintage pillowcases recycled into sweet dresses with fabric shoulder ties

floppy summer hats for twins - girl and boy

two more floppy hats for two other little girls just like this with the pink flower

a sock doll with vintage embroidered embellishments

another order

and this is two other orders - two on one order - one on the other

another vintage pillowcase dress

another vintage pillowcase dress - pictures are't real great darn it

another pillowcase sundress using vintage feedsack fabric

pillowcase dress and pantaloons out of beautiful floral fabric and crocheted lace in cream - did the casing different on this on so you don't have to draw up the dress with the ribbons but is still adjustable for length

these went with the order above - bad bad picture

three pairs of these each different orders

a peasant style vintage pillowcase dress with vintage chenille pantaloons and sleeves

vintage pillowcase dress with white chenille pantaloons for baptism

I also did a vintage tranfer of a little boy in a wagon with his dog on a t-shirt for a little boy but didn't take a photo - had to scramble to get that order out in time with 7 items in all, still have 2 headbands and a little boys ball cap to do on that order.

There was other stuff too but didn't take photos - this is still on the table to complete
2 ribbon headbands
one little boys ball cap
1 little girls top with pantaloons out of vintage chenille
3 vintage pillowcase dresses - and 1 pair of chenille pantaloons (one dress is done, working on pantaloons)
2 vintage hankie purses
2 vintage hanky bonnets
1 tote bag
1 make up bag
and if I remember right that is the end of the custom orders unless more come in! :) I think, maybe I need to check, orders are upstairs

So it's been really busy and hectic and summer flew by without saying hello!

Well it's back to the sewing room to get these done so I can take a few days off and then get to new creations and taking photos of things ready to sell and been ready for months acutally since before last Christmas! Yikes!! It's almost that time again!

Have a Grrrrreat Weekend! I'll be thinking of you all!

Hugs and Blessings!

We're Creating Little Works of Heart with Your Little One's and Mommies in Mind, by Creating and Making Vintage Beautiful and Useful Again!

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