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Fancy Flea Market in Lakeland Florida April 30 2011

Can Anybody Say WOW!

This past Saturday I attended the "Fancy Flea" in Lakeland, FL. It took place in the historic district in the downtown area on Kentucky Ave. The street bumps right up to the lovely Munn Park. I must say this was the most Fabulous flea market I have ever been too! It was two blocks long with tents set up on both sides of the street! I swear, if I had had the money I could of bought something in every single booth! I also would have needed a U-Haul to take my treasures home!

I met so many friends from Facebook and Blog Land that I have been following, and or friends with for a while! Several folks I know had booths there and I made many new friends also. It was great fun, a perfect sunny warm day, the perfect setting, and the most fabulous stuff Ever!

I took tons of pictures acutually filling up my camera, my cell phone, and then used my sisters cell. Even with that, there was a ton that I missed...bad thing was though, because I was so busy and excited taking pictures, I missed seeing some things I have been looking for and saw them in my pictures! Drats, darn, dang it!  Oh well, they do this event twice a year so they'll be back this fall and maybe I'll be able to score on that one! Ok with no futher babbling, Let's See the Pictures! You can meet some of my very talented, sweet friends too! This is going to be tough because I have so many great pictures of great stuff and there is no way I can post them all so I'll show my favs!

Paris Rags - Kimberly Ryan -Owner/Designer

This is my friend Kim and her daughter from "Paris Rags".
Kim offers and designs beautiful romantic clothing and accessories.
Simply stunning! 

I want one just like this!

Kim also is a fabulous painter and just the sweetest girl!
You'll love her to pieces
Visit her Facebook pages: Paris Rags and Paris Rags Romantic Clothing 
Visit her website: Paris Rags Le'Boutique
Visit her Etsy Shop: Shabby Rose Studio

Now on to two other friends who shared a beautiful booth:

Lisa Gandia of House of Envy and Cowgirl Envy
Debbie Mangual of Vintage Soul Store

Lisa offers eclectic womens clothing and accessories with the most darling flip flops EVER!
Debbie offers Shabby Chic furniture, lighting, unique accessories, bedding, pillows, and slip covers!



Gorgeous Chairs! Debbie's new line of pillows making their debut! Beautiful!

Debbie's cute aprons and bags!

Lisa's awsome flip flops! Bling, bling, bling!

Love Debbie's frayed prairie style aprons..don't know if she calls them that, but I do!

Love the hat! It was such a big hit, she is going to add it to her offerings!
Guess whose head will be sporting one of these!?  MAWAAh's

I'll be owning some of these next week! These are gorgeous!

Both of these girls are very talented and just the nicest girls
from St. Cloud, Florida!

Visit Lisa's Facebook pages: House of Envy Boutique and Cowgirl Envy
Visit her website: House of Envy

Visit Debbie's Facebook page: Vintage Soul Store
Visit Debbie's Blog: Vintage Soul
Visit Debbie's Website: Vintage Soul Linens

On to the rest of the Market and some GREAT FINDS!

Just the cutest whimical vintage teapot wind chimes!

This is "One Eighty Design" at a shop called "Relic"..
located in Tampa at 3517 S. Manhattan Ave....
Susan York is the creator...813-610-5388 or email her at Susan skyntpa@aol.com
Love their furniture! The whimical teapots above are theirs too! Cute!


Loved the saying on this....
"In This Home...We Do Hugs...We Do Mistakes...We Do Second Chances...
We Do Real...We Do I'm Sorrys...We Do Family...We Do Love".....
I should have bought one...dang it...I'll have to get one when
I go help them with the Blog and FB. :) Yea...good idea!
They are really cute aren't they!? :)
You'll find great stuff at "One Eighty Design"...you local folks must visit!
Other cute shops are there too!

This is Handmade Jewelry by Kathy Smith - Lakeland, FL...863-860-6621
I totally love her vintage keyhole necklaces and bracelets!!!

This was my favorite!! A vintage drawer pull! AWSOME!!!

More Jewelry - by another local Lakeland vendor.
Beautiful handwoven baskets.

Tons of beautiful furniture everywhere you looked!!

Love the dresser!

and this desk.

and this table and chairs.

Totally loved this desk!

Tons of whiter wicker and rattan furnishings!

My granddaughter Emma admiring her backside lol! She is so a mirror girl!

Loved this vendors handbags and jewelry! (jewelry not shown darn it)

Loved this little vintage Singer!

Designs by Donna - Lakeland, FL. 813-647-3452
Handmade notepads! All her stuff was very cute!

Lots of antique furniture in lots of colors! Shabby chic distressed whites, pinks, aqua's, greens, blues! There was beautiful colors everywhere!

Love this antique bed...the color was scrumptious!



I soooooooooo wanted this hat and vintage head mannequin!


"Diaper Cakes, Bassinets, & Babies by Yesenia Elmore
Visit her and become a fan on Facebook: Diaper Cakes & Bassinets
Isn't this "Diaper Bike" just the cotton pickin cutest! She has some very unique ideas!

Hope you enjoyed the Fancy Flea Market as much as I did!
Thanks for coming along!


TATA Till Later!


  1. Debi ~
    That looks like so much fun!!
    I just love going to wonderful flea markets like that ~
    Thank you for sharing so many pictures with us!! It is fun!!


  2. You're welcome MS. Lori! It was such a great market...I was really amazed at how great it was! So glad you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for stopping by...I always enjoy your visit! Hugs!



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