Thursday, April 28, 2011

Altered Couture - My Favorite Top Now a Onesie Dress for Emma

My Favorite Top Becomes a Dress for Granddaughter!

I had this top that I just love, but I have out grown it...or lets just say it shrunk!
I couldn't bare to give it away, so as I sat debating on keeping it in case my body
shrinks again...I had this vision! I'll make my granddaughter Emma a dress with it!

I love working with baby onesie's and I have these 24M size ones that are very large
and they fit Miss Emma even though she is now three. I pulled one out and went to
work and this is what the end result was.

Top in it's original form....and Emma's Onesie Dress

I so so Loved this top!
This had a cami attached underneath which I used as lining in the skirt of Emma's dress.
The outer fabric is very sheer. Love the lace and seqin and pearl flowers too.

Isn't this just way cute!?

I did a tye dye tea stain on the onesie to start.  Once dryed I carefully laid the top over the onesie and cut it to fit the front for the bodice.  Then I used the bottom half of the top along with the cami underneath to make the onesie skirt. The top of the skirt is all raw edged. The ties that were on the back of the top became a tied bow at the skirts waist. I cut all the tatted like lace off the top, and and reapplied it to edged the neckline and sleeves of the onesie, and then trimmed the raw edge of the bodice lace with more. I took another strip of the tatted lace along with a strip of the fabric to make a rolled rose flower for the neckline of the dress. This still snaps at the bottom of the onesie underneath.

I was so excited with the end result...It came out better than I had first invisioned it!
Miss Emma showing off her new dress with her brother, and my handsome grandson Parker. Emma is so picky with what she wears, I was afraid she wouldn't put it on, but she loved it! Yea!!! Score 1 for grandma! :) fit perfect!! Look at the freckles on those faces! :)

Back to busy baking in her own little kitchen!

Not a good photo, but she had to do her high styling modeling...such a funny girl!

Now my favorite top lives on for a while longer for both of us girls to enjoy!
I also had a pair of plain white Mary Jane shoes made for Emma that I have also tea dyed. I'm making  rolled rose flowers to attach to them. Once I get Emma in the whole set, I'll share the picture!

TATA for Now!

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  1. WOW - that is just amazing and you did such a wonderful job. As you know I love reusing clothing and this was perfection!!!! She is soooo cute. - Cindy

  2. Thanks Cindy. :) Yes I do know how you love reusing is fun! ;)

  3. thank you your name! :) Thanks for visiting!

  4. I absolutely love your designs! So beautiful and the idea to reuse older clothing is fantastic! Everyone has those pieces that they loved but just can't wear anymore.

    Rebecca @ArtIs4YourHeart


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