Thursday, November 18, 2010

Darling Handmade Holiday Aprons - Mimi's Needle and Thread

Sharing Another Handmade Crafter & A New Friend

It's that time of year again girls! We're off to the business of holiday baking and creating our menus for those wonderful family gatherings to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! With that thought in mind for all you ladies big and small, I would like to introduce you to a lovely lady who creates the cutest and most festive aprons! Her name is Iris, and she has an online Etsy shop called Mimi's Needle and Thread.

Iris creates many other things too, like crocheted beverage cozies, crocheted or knitted hats for women and little girls, hand made accessories for babies, dolls, plus a whole lot more.  She has been sewing for over 30 years, loves to do custom orders to give you something no one else has, and she is just the sweetest funniest lady. I just love her and I'm so glad to now call her my friend.

She recently had this apron listed and I loved it! (shown below). I love chickens and roosters and when I saw this, it just had to be mine. She also did one for my lil granddaughter Emma which I just gave her on her birthday. Now her mommy wants one, so Iris is making that up for her and we are going to start our baking together for the holidays come this week. Emma and I love our aprons! They are superbly made, and from 100% cotton, so we can just throw them in the washer and dryer, and get back to more days of having kitchen fun!

Here's my Emma in hers.

Cute Print Isn't It!?

Emma and I sporting our Funky Chick Aprons together.
I love Iris's combinations of fabric prints.

Well now I want to share her aprons especially her holiday ones. Iris creates aprons for moms, little girls, and even for your little one's dolly, and they can all be matching too!
When visiting her site, Look for her Dolly, Mommy, and Me sets.

Here are a few for you to view! (hehe I sound like a poet!)

If you like the design and style in one of the sets and just want one not the set,
...Just ask Iris! Or, if you like the fabric and want a different style...Just ask Iris!
She's easy peasy and willing to pleasy! (lol I'm on a roll!!!),
Geesh wondering what the HECK was in my milk today!
hehe be thankful I'm not stuttering! :)

Cute cute cute!, and so festive!

I Love Love LOVE this one! It's a bird thing! :) Awww look at those darling birdy faces!
I have a thing about Cristmas mail boxes too!

This one is silk and taffeta!

Well that is just some of the wonderful holiday aprons I have seen either in her Etsy shop or on her Facebook page. You should visit her there too to follow all her news and creations. If you find something you like that she has posted on Facebook....Just ask Iris about it!

Here are some other aprons that she has created. Some are on her site available now, and some of these were custom creations for her customers.

Now this is darn pretty!

This was a custom order.

This is one of her darling daughters Emily modeling an apron! She's a funny girl too!

I love love cherry anything too! Cute Apron! (well I guess the girl is too! :)

Love this print! This one is tied in the back 
Picture below shows the same apron, but tied in the front.

Love the vintage look of this one.

Oh So Retro!

Well there you have it! Aren't they all just fab!? Did you notice all the details she adds? Now you have an idea with all these aprons that the sky is not the limit in this lady's creations.
If you have an idea of what you want and don't see it....JUST ASK IRIS! :)

Thanks for coming along and I hope you will visit her

OH OH!! Here is just a couple of other things that she makes that I just love!

Baby Boppy Band

Bon Bon Dolls

This Adorable Fairy Flower Wreath Hat

Smocked Pink Baby Booties

And last, a child friendly Little Miss Hooty!

Be sure to visit Ms. Iris here: Mimi's Needle and Thread...<--- rollover link
and tell her Debi sent you!

Keep up to date on news at Mimi's by following her
here: Mimi's Needle and Thread on Facebook...<----- rollover link

And here: Mimi's Needle and Thread Blog .....<---- rollover link...just click!

Any one of these things would make perfect Christmas gift choices
 for the loved ones on your gift list!

It's always a pleasure to share some of the worlds creative minds, hands, and hearts with you. Thanks again for coming along and for visiting!

TaTa for Now!
Hugs and Stuff Debi! :)

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