Thursday, June 17, 2010

TeaCup Stitches Blog GiveAway!

Meet Lynn owner of TeaCup Stitches. This is a lady I have admired for a long time. I first met her on eBay years ago. She makes the most beautiful handmade pretties I have ever seen! You'll find items like, embellished bottles dripping with pink florals, ribbons, and victorian lady labels, stunning embellished pillows, sweet pin cushion confections with each one always more beautiful than the next, lovely hanging sachets, delicious strawberry sachets, and when I first met her she made the most beautiful hand bags and totes. And every great great once in a while you would find a vintage Steiffs bear that was absolutely too precious.  Well I have now found her beautiful blog. I could stay looking at it all day if I had the time. You must take some time and visit her here: TeaCup Stitches. Her blog is  absolutely gorgeous but then again everything she touches is gorgeous! Anyway she is having another giveaway, seems she has these often, lucky for us! This is her latest giveaway. It's one of her beautiful embellished vanity bottles.

This giveaway ends on 6-30-2010. Go here to enter the Sweet Pink Roses Bottle GiveAway. Be sure to become a follower too! I'm sure you'll want to continue following the adventure of handmade pretties and to walk with her through this beautiful blog!  Have fun and enjoy!

You can also purchase her items here on eBay when she has items listed, and her sweet pretties are also here at Victoria Rose Cottage, but everything goes very fast!


  1. Hello Cameo Kids :-)))
    Oh my what a delightful surprise!! What a lovely write up you gave me and I have the biggest smile on my face!! How sweet you are!!
    I have changed up my blog so I can add more things and am going to put a link to your gorgeous handmades!
    Thanks again and have fun stitching up those darling outfits!!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  2. Hi Lynn, I am most honored and thrilled for your visit to my blog! It was my total pleasure to promote you and your beautiful creations with my friends and followers. I adore your beautiful creative mind and your gorgeous pretties. I know hundreds of others feel the same. Thank you for the compliments on my handmade items, that is a huge compliment to me coming from someone with so much talent like yours. You have made my day! You will never know how appreciative I am that you feel my work is worthy enough to be shared with your followers and friends. From the bottom of my heart....Thank You Lynn! :)
    Hugs Debi


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