Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eye Candy Creations - A Beach Bunny Babe!

Hi Ya'll! Got somebody I want you to meet! Her name is Jennifer and the designer and creator of Eye Candy Creations at Etsy. She also has a blog called Sweet Eye Candy Creations. On a visit today I found she has designed this kitschy whimsical t-shirt and matching beach bag for all the beach babes out there. Well I have been a beach baby all my life growing up on a lake in Michigan and now living here in Florida. Water and I are one. I love the beaches and when ever life starts grabbing me by the throat...the beach is my haven of peace and tranquility. I'm a whole new person after a trip to the beach, even if it's just a few hours. It's amazing what being by the water can do for me. Well anyway her creations were just too irresistable for me. I went as soon as I saw them and put in my order! Aren't these just the cutest?! I love the bunnies, the retro gal, and of course the whole beach scene!

I can't wait till mine arrives and "Beach Bunny Babe" here I come!
The PEACE!....The QUIET!....The SUN!....The SAND....

This is what I bought! Don't ya just love the bunnies too!

You can get your beach girl with brunette or blonde hair. And the bags come in the blue and green stripe or you can also find it in pink and green stripe. I love pink and green but I was really pulled to the blue and green so thats what I got!

The Brunette

The Blonde

The Pink and Green Bag, the Blue and Green Bag, the T-Shirt!

Go get yours today! It's Unique and One Of A Kind!

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